By Charlie Higson

The Hunted is an amazing book that includes intense action and heartbreaking moments. The disease took everyone by surprise and swept everyone of their feet. The world got tossed and turned upside down. The only ones that did not get sick were the young. Imagine no one to look out for you except those under the age of sixteen. The disease turns out to make grown-ups vicious flesh eating blood sucking monsters. Now it's a fight for survival whether your a kid or not. Will those who are going to be sixteen get sick? Will all of humanity end? Who will survive and who will die? Read The Hunted and find out!


  • The book was rated 4.7 stars out of 5 on the Barnes & Noble website.
  • I have read many books this year and this has not only been a favorite but it's the best in the series.
  • The book was also rated 4.7 stars by Amazon.
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  • I read many of the reviews on Amazon and I noticed that many people got emotionally attached, and some even cried when they read the book.
  • I made a connection with some characters that has been stronger than a lot of books.
  • One cool thing about this book is the fact that there is more than one main character.
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  • It was published by Disney-Hyperion (June 2, 2015)
  • The Author was born July 3, !958 in Somerset, England
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