Harper's Journey into Adulthood

Elora Sommerauer Hour 1

Harper's Money Life

Scenario #2:

Salary of $70,000

Paying off $35,000 in student loans.

Car payment of $325 per month.

Salary: $70,000

After tax: $49,000

Per month: $4,083.33

Student loan payment: $402.78 per month

Monthly budget:

Car insurance: $49.17

Student loan: $402.78

Food: $283.28

Utilities: $115

Cellphone: $71 per month

Gas/transportation: $389

Entertainment/other: $427

Total monthly expenses: $1,737.23 per month

Budget for House: $2,346.10 possible monthly budget

Mortgage interest rate: 3.98%

Harper can afford: $492,605.98

· Harper will purchase a townhouse on 14845 Meadow Lane, Leawood, KS 66224 for $329,000

Actual Monthly payment on the house: $1,566.90

Over the course of the loan Harper will pay: $235,084 in interest.

If Harper increased her monthly payment by 15%, she would save…

New payment: $1,801.94

How long will it take Harper to pay off the new amount?

It will take 23 years and 4 months to pay off the new amount.

Difference in total amount paid: $57,883.02

Harper buys a Cat from Wayside Waifs: Frankie is $50

Litter box- $25

Kitty Litter- $30

Cat food- $62.28

Cat toys- $10

Vet bills- $250

Total: $ 427.28 a year


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