Earthquake in Chile


Chile Earthquake

Earthquake happened in Chile on February 27, 2010. The Earthquake hit at 03:40. The people dead were at a high count. 525 people where found dead and only 25 people missing. 93% of the Chilean population had a hug blackout, some areas lasting days. 9% of the population lost their home. President Michelle Brachelet declared Chile as, "Sate Of Catastrophe. It was reported to be the largest earthquake in the 20th century. $4 - 7 billion dollars was spent repairing homes. $15 - 30 billion dollars recovering the economy.

The Afterath Of The Chile Earthquake

Effects Of The Chile Earthquake

The magnitude of the quake was so great it actually tilted the axis — as a result, the world will spin infinitesimally faster and our days will be shorter by 1.26 millionths of a second. Chile's earthquake is likely to prompt a "legacy of volcanic explosions, Chile's wine region paint a disastrous picture of "wine casks destroyed; huge vats cracked, their wine spilling out; ruined equipment, house's were caved in, +4,000 families were being house due to the natural disaster, and The Chile earthquake caused a great depression.
Deadly Quake Strikes Chile