This Year in Aversboro Media!

We've been busy...

Thanks to everyone in the Aversboro school community, we have had a busy and productive year in the Media Center! Here's a snapshot of what we've accomplished together this year:
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Our Owls love to read!

Take a look at these stats! In the 2014-2015 school year:

  • We held 338 scheduled Media classes;
  • 55 classes worked with Ms. Lynch outside of their regularly scheduled times either in the Media Center or in their classrooms;
  • 6,305 students came to the library to check out books on their own; and
  • Our circulation skyrocketed! Our students checked out 23,808 books this year, up from 17, 551 last year. That's an increase of 6,257 books!!

Thank you all for giving your students the opportunities to come to the Media Center. They love being able to exercise this privilege, and I appreciate your support of our self-checkout program.

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Projects Galore!

Students got busy this year learning how to research and use technology tools. Here's some of what they learned:

  • Kindergarten researched animals and wrote a non-fiction class book filled with animal facts. They then turned it into an iMovie presentation using the Chatterkid app.
  • 1st grade students became bloggers! The 1st grade teachers taught their students to use KidBlog. Students practiced looking at other kids' blogs and writing comments on their classroom blogs.
  • 2nd grade students researched the presidents that we see on our money. Each class thought up a list of questions they had about their person and then spent time researching in small groups.
  • 3rd grade spent the year dreaming of places they can visit on dream vacations! They learned how to research using the eWISE model, and worked in groups to answer the questions they had about these places. They also learned about biographies and researched people that interested them.
  • 4th grade learned about our state through researching the state symbols and lighthouses. They used the iPads to create paper slide presentations and Voicethreads to share their knowledge.
  • 5th grade got busy learning about the human body, ecosystems, and the American Revolution. They also created 3D models of homes, race cars, and businesses for their Flea Market.

The students weren't the only busy bees (or owls?)...

Ms. Lynch was busy too!

In addition to teaching students this year, she:

  • held 30+ collaboration meetings with teachers;
  • presented at the WCPSS Fall Convergence Symposium on using self-checkout in school library media centers;
  • weeded the Biography section;
  • completed a MOOC-Ed course on Instructional Technology Coaching;
  • collected data on student library visits; and
  • completed an action research project comparing circulation data from the 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years.

A BIG thanks to Ms. Carroll and Mr. Howell for helping in the Media Center this year, and to my Library Leader helpers! None of the work that was done could be done without you all!

That's a fabulous Media year! Here's to another great one in 2015-2016!