By Roy, Jacob, Asia, Zema


The Internet is a global network connecting millions of computers. Without internet we can not communicate with people outside of United States or transport things like innovations or technology. Without internet most technologies and innovations would be useless.

What is internet made out of?

The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite to link several billion devices worldwide

Who made internet?

The people who invented the Internet was Robert E. Khan in a laboratory in the United States.

Impact From Internet

The Internet has changed the way people use there resources because since the Internet came out the have million of different resources that help them find what there looking for. The Internet io one on the best things that has been invented because it has had a big impact on the world.

It has had a big impact on how people interact with others because everyone is always on there phone either on the internet or texting and it is interfering with how people talk and communicate to others.

The Internet has affected society because everyone is on the Internet and an there phones and when they need to find information they go on the Internet and different websites to find the information.

Without internet people can't communicate to people around the world. The internet has had an important role in connecting people. It allows people in countries around the world to instantly contact each another through email, chat programs and video calls. This instant communication has revolutionized business and social lives. Without internet many innovations would be useless like cellphones, radio, GPS, and computers. Internet is the key to all the innovations and Globalization

How does Internet work?

How does internet work?

The Internet works because open standards allow every computer or cellular device from their network to connect to every other network.