Changes of Softball's History

By: Kailynn and Meredith 286 Social Studies

How uniforms have Changed

The softball uniforms were assigned by the officials of Baseball.The men had just gotten back home since world war two, and needed a break and, some entertainment.Baseball was chosen and the women wanted a shot at fame.So the boys gave it to them but,not everyone thought the girls were right for the job ,so the officials made them dress like dolls.Only wearing a short dress,hat, and the men made the girls curl their hair and where makeup such as lipstick.This was totally unfair considering the fact that men were given the choice to wear pants and, appropriate clothing thinking of the sport.Just imagine having to run in a dress that was skin tight. Horrible right! Well slowly over time the girls earned their respect.women now have the option to wear shorts,or pants.Now that sounds more comfortable.But this isn't all that has changed.

Rules of the Game

The rules of the game has not changed much mainly just simple things.By ''things'' we mean the name of the sport,the ball size and color,what bat you use and the modification of the equipment you use.The name was once Baseball ,but has been transformed into Softball.The balls size is much larger about eleven inches.The color used to be a dull white ,but is now a bright neon sun yellow.This ball also leaves a much bigger bruise.In the sport Baseball you may use a wooden bat ,but in Softball you must use a metallic bat.The equipment has been modified to be safer by making the ball's contact with you less painful.

How Pitching the Ball has Changed

Originally the ball was pitched over handed at a high speed.Now the ball is transferred under handed in a windmill motion.It was found that the overhanded motion can cause pain if not used can the underhanded motion ,but the underhanded version works better to keep a batter unbalanced.Most people now pitch underhanded and have to have both feet on the ground at all times.This is because these are stated in the rule book and, can be called an illegal pitch if used incorrectly.In Baseball the boys must pitch over handed.


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