From Milk to Ice Cream

By: Carver Dubberke 3RS


Do you like ice cream? I do. I like that it comes in different flavors. I like that it's cold. I love the way it tastes. Now i know how ice cream is made and now i will teach you.


Making ice cream starts on the farm . The farmer has to milk the cows. Then it goes to the ice cream factory.


There are lots of steps to turn milk into ice cream. Milk is chilled and mixed with sugar . Next germs are killed in a process called pasteurization. Then the fat in the milk is spread around. Flavors and chunks are added. The ice cream is put into containers and ready to freeze even more. When the temperature reaches ten degrees below zero, it is frozen solid. The ice cream is almost ready. Workers at the factory check for quality assurance.


The ice cream is loaded on the trucks. The ice cream is distributed to stores and ice cream vendor where it can be sold. People will buy ice cream to eat as a delicious treat.

Interesting Facts

1.5 billion gallons of ice cream are made every year in the U.S.


It takes a lot of work on the farm in and in the factory to make ice cream. So, now the next time you eat ice cream you will know all the work that went into making it.
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