We should treat the world better!!!

Litter - why do we do it?

Well i just get lazy and cant walk a foot and a half to the bin!

One piece of litter you drop could develop into habits, dirty habits that one piece turns into hundreds in the space of about 1-2 years! Littering is bad for our health and hygiene

Did you know that 1.9 billion tons of litter is disposed into the ocean. just think about this, we use the ocean when we are hot- we swim in it! we are swimming in our own waste!

50% of litter is cigarette butts!

Remember to think before you drop

Polluion! a by product of our waste

Pollution is really yucky but when people say pollution we stereotypically think of pollution as factories and cars etc. but there is more to that, that meets the eye. here are some things that cause pollution: factories, transport, oil spills,, greenhouse gasses and so much more!

99% of this is caused by humans of course some of it we cant help! but majority we can! if we all just pitch in we can help defeat pollution.

Have you heard about the great barrier reef? you have? LOVELY!! Did you hear how half of it is going to be completely turfed to make a COAL MINE like we need any more that is despicable isn't it! half a national landmark is being destroyed for something we don"t need!!

Think before you drop!

Remember think before you throw. :)

Remember think before you throw. :)