November 30-December 7

By Kaylee Racel

Friday November 30

Today Kimberly, Amber and I presented. Amber's presention was on sleep deprivation. Her presentation made me realize that I don't get enough sleep. I didn't know that it is why I get irritable and it can effect my grades. Kimberly's presentation was on drugs. I was amazed at the extent that people can get hooked. I didn't know that drugs cause people to rob and commit crimes. I thought it was only because bad people do bad things. I also didn't realize the difficulty people on drugs have to quit. My presentation was on bullying and it showed me the various different kinds of bullying.

Monday December 3

Today we had a substitute teacher. We received a packet on play and wrote a journal. I didn't know that play was important to devlopment. I didn't realize that each of our stages of development fit in with play. I also dont believe that it is right to take away a child's recess for more academic time. In the article we learned there are many different kinds of play. I didn't realize the importance of superheroes, kickball, swings, jump ropes and all the other things I did during recess.

Tuesday December 4

Today Claire presented. Her presentation was on teen pregnancy. It shocked me to find out that the father of the baby can also go on homebound. I knew that teen pregnancy is common but what I didn't know was that the rate is going down. I liked the idea of a school that allows pregnant teens to finish their schooling. It upset me to see the amount of pregnant teens that drop out. Also, it upset me to hear that if a girl is showing she can not walk at graduation.

Wednesday December 5

Sarah Miller presented today. Her presentation was on poverty. It was interesting to hear that in poverty people have difficulty maintaining their spiritual needs. Her video on the family in the van made me feel blessed to have food and a roof above my head. It showed me that I need to be more appreciative of what I have. I realized I have a good idea of the necessary resources execpt when i put physical where i saw "stamina".

Thursday December 6

Today Summer presented. Summer's presentation was on ESOL. I thought it was interesting that ESOL kids may be hard to find because they can sometimes speak normal with their peers. I didn't know that pull out students were also considered ESOL. The idea of ESOL immersion excited me because I really would like to do that to help me with my Spanish. I agree that it is important every student gets their adequate attention to help them in the way that is right for them. I think the idea of less homework for ESOL kids is weird because it seems like it would make them learn at a slower rate. I was amazed at the amount of different languages used in Aiken alone because I feel like I haven't heard more than five.

Friday December 7

Today Katie and Taylor presented. Katie's presentation was on latchkey kids. I didn't know that leaving a child alone could affect learning. I like the idea of alternatives such as the Y. I didn't know that my brother is technically one. It's strange to think because when I was growing up only dad worked. I hope that my brother gets all of his proper development with this new difference. Taylor's presentation was on suicide. It was funny because her presentation was a combination of all of our presentations and she went last. Her presentation showed that it can be caused by bullying, drugs/substance problems, death, pregnancy and poverty. It is scary to think that suicide is the third leading cause of death in kids around our age. It was interesting that white males were the highest in suicide rates. I think it is weird that firearms are the most common suicide weapon. It is crazy to think that women are more likely to have a history of attempting suicide.