Myths of religions

Indigenous Religions origin stories


Gaia the goddess of earth was born of the chaos. She gave birth to Uranus, the sky,and the two of them became the first husband wife. They had many children,all of them were monsters. Uranus hid them deep in the earth which caused Gala great pain because she loved her children. She became angry and plotted against her husband. Gaia gave birth to several gods and goddesses that weren't scary monsters. One of her sons named Kronos that was strong enough to overthrow Uranus. one night when Uranus was sleeping Kronos killed his father. Kronos became the night king and married Rhea an earth goddess. He created the first man made of gold and it was called the golden age when men didn't have to work and there was no suffering or death. Kronos feared his children and ate them after they were born so he could never be overthrown. Rhea was scared by this and with the help of Gaia she gave birth to her son Zeus in secret on the island of Crete. Zeus became the greatest god and he returned with an army of Gaia's children and overthrew Kronos. The war went on for years and years. All of the men from the golden age were killed. Zeus freed his brothers and sisters and built the palace of Olympus where he ruled the earth and all. He then married his sister Hera and they had many children. Zeus had many other women and soon they had children too. Zeus created another type of men made of sliver to worship the Olympians. The men didn't worship the gods and this was the sliver age where nothing was sacred. Zeus was angry and hid them deep far away in the underworld. To replace them Zeus made the third type of man and they were made of bronze. This was the bronze age and the men were aggressive and warlike. Zeus wasn't pleased with them either so he hide them away as well. Zeus then made a line of heroes and this was the heroic age where many men and women were born. When a hero died he was given a special place in the underworld. After the heroes died they gave birth to normal man the men and women we have today. The race of people today is said to be the iron race which is the hardest race of all today. Men of the iron race must live their lives and and suffer then die. They will survive the Gods.


The hindu myth started with the primeval seas which were vast dark and deep. Soon theses seas produced one egg which floated above the waters for 9 months. After the 9 months the egg cracked open and there was Prajapati, he wasnt male or female but both. Prajapati sat in the cracked shell for about a year without moving or speaking. With the first word he spoke it became the earth and the next word he said became the sky. He could see everything from the beginning of life to the end of his life. Prajapati became lonely and wanted someone by his side. He divided himself into a husband and wife and together they created the first gods, the elements and mankind. By what had happened with the acts of creation time was created. The first born was Agni which was the god of fire and after there was fire came the light which Prajapati separated into night and day. More gods were born like the evil Ashuras and Dawn. Prajapati separated good from evil by hiding his offspring deep down in the earth. Prajapati loved his daughter dawn a lot and one day as she was on the earth as a doe he came to her as a stag and used her. Dawn soon later gave birth to all the cattle of the world. All the other gods watched in horror. In anger the gods created a monster named Rudra who hunted Prajapati all around the earth and when he found him he shot him with an arrow and up into the dark sky and he became the Capricorn constellation. Dawn returned to the sky but never got close to the night in fear of her father.


In the beginning, Pachacamac the sun rose slowly from Lake Titicaca. Pachacamac was so bright that nothing else could be seen in the sky but him. But the night sky was empty; so he made the stars, the planets and the moon. The beautiful moon, Pachamama, became his wife and together they ruled the heavens and the earth. Pachacamac fashioned the first humans from the stone of an enormous mountain of rock. The first humans were pitiful creatures; they knew nothing of the world nor how to survive in it. The sun and the moon bore a son and a daughter. Out of pity they sent their children to the earth to help them. The son of Pachacamac taught men how to plow and plant the fields, and how to build houses. The daughter of the moon approached the women and taught them the art of weaving, and how to prepare food. “Teach the humans to be kind and fair. I will provide light and warmth, every day without fail; but make sure they never forget their creators.” Pachacamac’s son became the first Inca; he and his sister-wife ruled the first humans. After a while, the Inca and his wife took a long journey to find the perfect place to his people to settle. At every stop, they stuck one of their father’s golden rods in the earth. Each golden rod would be a symbol for his people to build a city. When they reached the valley of Huanacauri, the golden rod sank into the ground and disappeared. Inca decided that here should be the site of the first temple of the sun, and that here is where he and his people would settle. Inca and his wife set off to gather his people. He went north and his wife wandered south. The children of the sun were beautiful and spoke convincingly about Pachacamac and his principles of law. When they met people in small villages, the people were so moved that they left their homes and followed the Inca and his wife to the valley of Huanacauri. Soon, they had followers from the enitre region. The followers of Inca’s wife settled with her followers in the south and her city was Hurin-Cuzco, Southern City. Inca and his followers settled in the northern part of the valley and named their town Hanan-Cuzco, City of the North. From then on, all Inca cities were divided into northern and southern halves, representing the male and female


In the Inuit creation myth it starts with a man named Raven. This man has the power to turn into a bird or a man. He created pods,from these pods a man grew out of them. Raven came back and feed him berries but he knew that it wouldn't be enough for the man. He made sheep, fish and bears so man would have something to be fear. Raven realized that man was lonely so Raven then created women. The man and the women populated the world making us humans.

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The Zulu myth starts with one very large seed. The seed was planted into the earth and began to grow. They were called “Uthlanga”, which means the source of all things. One grew into a man,he was Unkulunkulu. The first Man, and the creator of all things. He saw other growing reeds forming into men and women. Unkulunkulu broke off the first men and women. He pulled off cattle and fish and birds and fierce creatures. He created streams and mountains, lakes and valleys, wind and rain and the sun and the moon. Unkulunkulu created everything, he taught the first men and women .He gave all of the animals their names. When all of this was done, Unkulunkulu sent the languid chameleon out into the world with the message that his people will never die. The chameleon plodded on his mission slowly, slowly, slowly. After several days, Unkulunkulu became impatient and sent a speedy lizard out into the world with the message that Death was on its way. The swift lizard quickly overtook the chameleon and arrived at the village first. Once the lizard brought its message to the first people, Death arrived shortly thereafter. It has never left mankind since.