Emily Louise Fracassa

My life through words and pictures

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Home life

I was born on October 29th 1994 in Ypsilanti Michigan. I attended Lincoln Consolidated schools from kindergarten to graduation. I live with my parents Joan and Steve, and my sister Jenny. My mom is a stay at home wife, and my dad is an Aerospace Engineer at Liebherr Aerospace in Saline Michigan. My sister Jenny is a Junior at Albion College.


When I was younger I was set on being a veterinarian. I was obsessed with every type of animal, and all the animal shows. But after watching shows like Animal cops and such, I knew I couldn't handle constantly seeing animals in pain. One of my main reasons for becoming a teacher was because of my 3rd grade teacher Ms Kramer. She motivated the class in ways that actually worked. If you got every word right on your spelling list, she would take you to Chuck E Cheese. I was one of the lucky ones who got to go every time. My grandma and my great grandma were also kindergarten teachers, which also persuaded me into picking kindergarten.


My first job was working as a Hostess at Bob Evans in Ann Arbor. I was there for 10 months, but ended up quitting because I did not like it at all. After quitting there, I started working at the clothing store Hollister in Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor since November 2011.