National Airman Ship display

Come Watch The best perform amazing feats in their airplanes

Come to Uranus in a space pod and observe the Massive gas planet view along with the aerial feats

Here we will have the best pilots perform tricks with their airplane Watch daredevil feats and Pilots rushing in and out of Uranus's clouds. Come early Because the day wont last that long!! (only 17 hours) the Planet is -224 c and the pilots had to modify their planes to not freeze on this planet and add window wipers due to the bottom clods water they contain. It may be 2.57 million km away it is defiantly worth the stay. This planet is 15.759 miles long and You can watch the pilots race. WHO WILL WIN?!?!Uranus is cast at the begging of dawn and it is a beautiful sight. The Weather is calm and cloudy and always just right (except for Life)

National Airman Ship Display

Thursday, Aug. 1st 2013 at 5am

Uranus Space

This planet is a gas planet and has very calm weather. Though Uranus is far from the sun so bring lots of jackets its cold.

  • Upon arrival food and refreshments will be given
  • Events start at 7 am
  • Pilots will perform for you
  • Break and more food and drinks
  • You can meet with pilots
  • Pilots perform for you even more outstandingly
  • Food and drinks
  • Ends at 9 pm
  • Events starts next day again at 5 am

We are Myah Tech

We have been planning this for years and if successful hop to bring it to you every 10 years.