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You can count on us - December 2020

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Welcome to the next installment of “All Things Business.” In this edition, we hope that you learn something you may not have previously known about in the world of Business Services. As a reminder, our Business Services webpage,, is full of information and is regularly updated by our team. As we strive to improve our communication with all of our stakeholders, especially our school site administrators, please help us by providing any feedback that you may have regarding what you would like to see in our newsletter in future editions.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Fiscal Services - Featured Staff Member

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Autumn Slaten

Autumn Slaten is the next newest member of the Fiscal Services department. Autumn is an accounting technician tracking the LCAP funding and expenses for the district. She works with the different departments and school sites setting up the action plan budgets and approving the expenses. Autumn’s first position with PSUSD started in 2008 with the Nutrition Services department. She eventually worked at three different campuses before joining the Fiscal Services team in 2018 replacing Goody Canavan who retired from the accounts payable team. Autumn was in her accounts payable position until she started the LCAP accountant technician position this year.

Autumn’s family moved to the Coachella Valley when she was 10 years old from Huntington Beach. She attended schools in PSUSD and Desert Sands. She graduated from Palm Desert High School. Autumn has many interests and is always busy in her personal time. She has been doing many home improvement projects, reading, and attempting some landscaping.

She has two sons, Jake - 23 and Joseph - 18, that are very close to their mom. Joseph just graduated from DHSHS and is considering his future career which may be in the renewable energy field which he studied while at DHSHS. Autumn also has three dogs, Frank the Pug, James a Chihuahua mix, and Sam the Husky.


Installation of plexiglass for social distancing...

Plexiglass throughout the collaboration center at the DAC.

HealthTrac in place for self-screening...

It’s been all about processing contracts to get programs, systems, and services up and running. Purchasing staff worked with Risk Management on the procurement of HealthTrac, the health screen software and procuring the equipment for the kiosks.


Website a. b. Use your district email to log in


The LED Marquees are coming!

All PSUSD schools will have LED marquees installed with high schools and schools with existing marquee bases installed first and the remaining school marquees requiring Division of State Architect design approvals which have been completed. LED stands for light emitting diode. LED lighting products produce light up to 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs. Facilities Planning & Development staff expect to have all marquees installed in the next 60 days.

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Cleaning and disinfecting and cleaning and disinfecting...

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Cleaning and Disinfecting Response Plan for Confirmed/Potential COVID Staff Member

(Guidance for School/District Administrators)

1. Close off areas used by staff member.

2. Open outside doors and windows (where practicable) to increase air circulation.

3. Make a note of what areas the employee visited.

4. Inform M&O dispatch office and site head custodian for initial decontamination and disinfecting of areas used by the sick person.

5. Allow 24 hours before cleaning or disinfecting (when possible).

6. If more than 7 days since the staff member visited or used facility, additional cleaning and disinfection is not necessary.

7. Custodial manager/supervisor to follow up and confirm decontamination/disinfecting is complete. Requestor will be notified by email when area can be opened for use.

Transportation Update

We are fully engaged with approximately 19 routes running for the learning hubs and averaging about 175 students riding buses to attend. As students are added/dropped from the learning hub, please let me know via email, as pickup and drop off information may change. Once we reroute the students, we will continue to send you the information so your staff can contact the parents regarding the change. Those of you that have a need to get students to the school for the afternoon Special Assessments/Testing, please let us know so we can provide assistance for those families that do not have transportation to and from the school.


All you need is a fork and a knife!

On Friday November 20th, Nutrition Services along with all of our wonderful site volunteers were able to serve a Thanksgiving meal to our students and the children of our community. It took months to plan and a lot of phone calls to ensure we would be able to get the product in house in time to distribute. With all hands on deck, the Nutrition Service team did an amazing job at getting the food where it was needed and in the hands of our families.

We were able to distribute 3,200 Turkeys, 48,000 pounds of potatoes, 28,800 pounds of onions, 19,200 pounds of celery, 4000 #10 cans of corn, and 4000 loafs of bread. Most school sites ran out within an hour. Each family received a bilingual cookbook with recipes and storage requirements for the food.

KESQ and the Desert Sun were on hand too. They interviewed one of our employees, Norma Diaz, Central Kitchen Food Production Specialist!!

The warehouse team worked for days to build the deliveries for each site. The logistics around coordinating the timing of deliveries was an incredible task that the team handled well. Receiving, staging and delivering product took place over two weeks with a predawn delivery of the produce and turkeys the morning of.

Crown Meats and Butterball were both integral in ensuring we were able to purchase turkeys for our families at a rate affordable for us to manage. The fresh produce and corn was purchased through our USDA commodity food program.


If you have any questions regarding this newsletter or anything Business Services related, please contact Kris Murphy.