Frankenstein vs. Jurassic Park

V. Ramachar, Alison Dunn, Kerrigan Visoski


Jurassic Park

John Hammond: He funded Jurassic Park and led the research on discovering dino DNA to create the dinosaurs of the park.


Victor Frankenstein: Doctor who creates the monster in search of beating both death and losing loved ones.


Jurassic Park

Dinosaurs: Mainly the Raptors and T-Rex, these dinosaurs compare to Frankenstein's creation because they are a uncontrollable force of nature.


Creature: Made by Victor, tries desperately to find acceptance and love, but is unable to. In rage he dedicates his time to ruining his creators life.

Man vs. Himself

John Hammond

His desire to create something by himself and it ended up being more than he could handle.


Frankenstein is disgusted with himself at the creature he created.


Jurassic Park

The T-Rex escaped and after that it all spiraled of control.


Frankenstein meets the creature again and they have a discussion about Frankenstein and his feelings.


Jurassic Park

1) Nature always wins:

Despite being caged by state of the art man-made technology, the dinosaurs are a force that cannot be tamed or contained, and man is in folly to believe he can do either.

2) Ambition Conquers man:

Though John Hammond believed that his creations could be contained, he must have realized the danger in his work. Yet, he could not stop himself from being the first man to return dinosaurs to the earth, and went through with his work anyway.


1) Nature always wins:

Frankenstein's monster ends up killing him.

2) Ambition conquers man:

Though Frankenstein realized what he was doing was incredible and beyond human power, he contained on his quest to be the first to conquer death.

Ending Scenes


They both are similar because of their equal desire to create life in a way that wasn't ever before. They both abused science and the sanctity of life and suffered the consequences.


Frankenstein suffers and then dies while the creator of Jurassic Park does not die.


J. Hammond

Hammond loved his discoveries and desired to bring them back.

A. Grant

Dr. Grant was intrigued by dinosaurs and the discoveries about what they were, looked like and acted.

R. Walton

Walton desires new knowledge and the excitement of discovering something new.

V. Frankenstein

Frankenstein desires to go above and beyond in his studies (philosophy) in a way that no one has ever before.