Bad effects of secondhand smoke

On the human body

All the organs in the human body are effected by secondhand smoke.

It may increases stomach acid secretion. It can also damage kidneys in your body. Earring lose can be effected by secondhand smoke as well. Your throat can also get damage from when the smoke goes down and into you body. Your nose is another organs that will get damaged as well.

Secondhand smoke can cause lung diseases.

Smokers are most likely to get lung cancer as well as emphysema then non smokers. Bronchitis is a sickness you can get from secondhand smoke as well. Pneumonia is another dangerous sickness that can cause your lungs to close. It can also trigger Asthma attacks faster.

The one on the left is after smoking. And the one on the right is a non-smoker.

Children's health is effected by secondhand smoke.

Young kids by secondhand smoke it can slow down lung growths. Respiratory problems can also be started when around. They can also get bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma. Young kid around secondhand smokemay also get ear infections.

"Stop smoking and live life"~