Economics Technological Environmental Cultural

Globalization is the interactions of the people and our world by trading and commintication.

Economics- the currency and government of trading around the world.

Technological- How humans interact with each other through media and also work.

Environmental- How we interact with our worlds land and resources.

Cultural- What makes group of people different from one another.

Globalization explained (by explainity)


"Salvadorian economy has fallen back to the category of “moderately free” since 2006 and registers its lowest score ever in the 2014 Index"(2014 Index of Economic Freedom). El Salvador is ranked 63 compared to the world for unemployment rate. According to The World Factbook the public debt is 63% of GDP in 2013.


In El Salvador there is an low number of personal phones and personal computers. Often in Salvador telecommunication were attacked to decrease governmental militias. One of the major barrier in the economic development in El Salvador is accessing to the internet. this case El Salvador could have a hard time communicating with other countries through the internet.


In El Salvador people arrive usually late, so for business time doesn't matter to them. This may be a problem with the us to interact with El Salvador because in the U.S. your are told a time and then that is when you arrive. Usually with being late comes with consequences.Also, in the country generally woman are payed less for work, and are usually just stay at home.

Environmental Issues in El Salvador

A couple of El Salvador's environmental issues are water pollution, deforestation, soil erosion, and toxic waste being left on soil. The second most deforest country in latin America is El Salvador. The nation lives along Pacific Ring of fire which mean there is active volcanoes and earthquakes.

Map Statements

From the maps you can say that El Salvador grows coffee and cotton throughout the country. The country also produces a lot of goods that most likely are shipped worldwide. El Salvador is also not a high land area, with not a lot of high mountain regions within the country. The most populated area in El Salvador is its capital, San Salvador. The country also is right on the pacific ocean.

My Relationship with Globalization

Everyday i go to school by a bus, using oil one of our planets natural resources. Even when I'm not in school i use oil for heating my house and my families personal car. Also the weather in New Hampshire impacts what I wear. To talk to my friends i can chat them over the internet, or instantly communicate with them through a phone call or a text. I can get answers instantly by just typing my question online with millions of answers in response. I can share my ideas with the world through a blog or a video. When I go to the grocery store or mall i purchase clothing or food they could be from anywhere through out the world. Our culture is food like hamburgers and fries, which is one of my favorites.

Although there is also bad to all that, using our natural nonrenewable resources up day by day. Our interaction with the environment may be cutting down rain forests providing less oxygen. Countries with high GDP per captia compared to others are paying lower countries to do manufacturing for them buy paying them less to do the work. Communication with people is a lot easier now a day through media and using cell phones, but it does make people more socially awkward when seeing people in person. Not all things should be shared to the internet for everyone to see, people need to know their limits. I feel that culture is becoming more as one, instead of having people different then others. More and more cultures combined, not domestically but just enough that soon enough their may not be anything special about a certain place.

How a North Face is Made

In El Salvador a North Face is made with a fabric abrasion: 2-ply laundered nylon. with polartec, and 300 series fleece with repreve fibers. To touch up the North Face a durable water repellent finish is added to the jacket. Once the jacket is manufactured for a cheaper amount of pay compared to if it was made in the US. Then the jacket is imported to North Face stores across America and other countries who carry the company. Customers buy the brand, wear the brand worldwide while the people advertising the company North Face.