World Geography Final Exam Review

provide an example showing how physical geo can affect a countrys economic activities

- Japan- group of islands
- saudi arabia- oil reserves

how do immigrants add to a diverse culture in a country?

local community and create new customs

event that had the greatest impact on the political, economic, and culture elements of Mexico?

colinization and exploration

result of the global spread of american popular culture?

spreads langauge, mainly English
What event led to the introduction of new foods to Western Europe?
- Columbian Exchange
What direction was the huge migration shift in America in the 1800s?
- west
How did the US acquire their northern and southern borders?
- some where man made and some were natural
Why was the North America Free trade agreement and the european union formed?
- to create free trade throughout the expected countries
In the Colombian Exchange, how were the lives of Europeans impacted by their American Counterparts?
- new products added more to the market and helped the economic growth
How does the Cold War continue to affect the political landscape of Europe?
- they are still algined with Russia
Why was the UN created?
- to promote international cooperation and to achieve peace and security
what geographic circumstances has hampered Russias success in foreign policy?
- lack of warm water
what major change was going on in Europe during the 1989 demoractic elections in Latvia, Poland, and Ukraine?
- democratic ideals, towards democracy
After the formation of the EU, why do we see a population shift in Europe?
- migrate to western Europe
why is North Africa different than the rest of Africa both culturally and in the advancement of medical care?
- Separated by the Sahara
why is Nelson Mandela a hero to many South Africans?
- negotiated the end of Apartheid in South Africa. He was also the first president
What are some of the negative cultural effects of European colonization in South America and Africa?
- Mass civil war, dicatatorship,political unrest, and corrupt leadership
what happened next in both of the regions?
fight for independence
why does Africa have relatively poor economies even though they have an abundance of natural resources?
- uneducated, lack of infrastructure, no money, and unstable political geo.
what important values are essential to African tribes?
- beliefs and government
why is there an african influence on the food and customs in the Caribbean?
- slave trade stopped in caribbean
How has the Arab Spring changed many middle eastern and north african states?
- leaders have been removed from the power
why have Isreal's borders chnaged so much?
- conflict with neighbors
How are women treated in the traditional Islamic monarchy of Saudi Arabia?
- have to cover there whole body, dont work. cant drive, and many other limited legal rights
what are two main reasons that Saudi Arabia is important to many people around the world?
- Mecca/oil reserves
Why do some countries in SW Asia continue to gain wealth from a surplus of natural resources when others dont?
- some have a lot and some have a little
The movement of tectonic plates moved the Indian Subcontinent up to Asia and created what major landform?
- the Himalayas
Why is there so much conflict on the province of Kashmir between India and Pakistan?
- Muslims and Hindus fight over it
Why do the people of southwest Asia depend on the summer monsoons each year?
- they recieve little rain fall throughout the year
where are most chinese cities located?
- east coast- fertiled land

Types of Governments

Communism: nearly all the political power and means of production are held by the government in the name of all people. Examples: China, Cuba, & Vietnam

Democracy: citizens hold the power, either directly or through elected representatives. Examples: France, Mexico, and the United States

Dictatorship: an individual or a group holds complete power. Oligarchy is the name for a group in charge. Examples: North Korea and Syria

Monarchy: A ruling family headed by a King or Queen holds both political power and may or may not share that power with its citizens. Examples: Monaco, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom

Theocracy: a government headed by religious leaders. Examples: Iran and Vatican City

economic sytems

Communist Economic System: production of goods and services is determined by a central government, which usually owns the means of production. (Command Economy)

Free Enterprise: production of goods and services is determined by the demand from consumers. (aka Capitalism and Market Economy)

Socialist Economic System: a combination of command and market economy provides goods and services so that all people will benefit.


A nation’s infrastructure consists of the basic support systems needed to keep an economy going, including power, communications, transportation, water, sanitation, and education systems. The more sophisticated the infrastructure, the more developed the country.