Allan Feker



The people who started McDonald's were Dick and Mac McDonald. It started in California in 1954 it moved from Manchester, New Hampshire to Hollywood in the 1920’s. A person named Ray Kroc was surprised to see a big line of people waiting to get food. So then he wanted to make it into a company.


In the old days it was just a drive-in but now it’s a diner, drive-in and a new thing for little kids called a happy meal. So Ray Kroc made it into a big franchise. A thing that changed is that now there are a bunch of other Mcdonald’s around the globe and also now they have a bunch of other stuff on the menu. And being more efficient with the energy and manage energy usage. Over 99 billion served and when people are hungry a lot of Mcdonald’s are around the globe it’s also a franchise because there are a bunch. And there’s a place called Ronald Mcdonald House. It’s a place for children that have health problems and cancer so the people help the children that are sick. If there were no McDonald's in the world it would be harmful because it’s fast and cheap. The people who actually started McDonald's was Dick and Mac McDonald. They started it because Ray Kroc said “I want to make your restaurant because of the quality, service, cleanliness, and value. Ray Kroc was a person wants to make a lot of franchises and money.


The best seller was the Big Mac also the important product are the french fries and it’s marketed by frying them.