Bogdan Teodorescu


About the Artist

Bogdan Teodorescu is a 25 year old graphic designer and ceramist. He currently lives in Bucharest, Romania. He attended college at the University of Arts and Design in Cluj. He mainly studied graphic design but also dabbled in ceramics. His graphic design career started in 2005 when he got his first job as a web page designer in national television. His career really took off in 2007 when he got a job in a digital advertising agency at Kinecto.

Ceramics is more of a hobby for Bodgan, he just happens to be very talented. He tries to play along the thin line of realism and fantasy when he creates a piece. He doesn't like to categorize his art too much because he feels once he has given himself a style it will limit his creativity. He uses collage techniques with his pieces. He knows what he likes and will create what he wants and leaves it to the critics to categorize. Teodorescu is resourceful and uses an array of techniques an materials.

His Work


Teodorescu's work is very unique and original. He uses various techniques to work in an element of fashion; which is what first caught my eye in his work. The way he pieces things together is very interesting in his design. It's random, yet put together; it doesn't match, but it works. The way he works animal prints with his Romanian design is also very interesting.

Erin Miller