How To Grow Your Hair Out Faster

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How Do I Grow out my Hair?

Many of our clients come to us on advice about hair. The most commonly asked question is "How do I grow out my hair faster?" or "Why does my new hair grow out thin and not thick?"

About your Hair

Hair consists of a protein called keratin which is made up of amino acids. To promote hair growth, your body needs to produce more amino acids. Therefore, high-protein diets are suggested when trying to grow out your hair. It is also recommended to have a healthy diet overall.

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Tips to Grow your Hair Quicker

Lay Off on HEAT

Using heat on your hair causes it to be damaged, thus making it take longer for your hair to grow. And if you do use heat, it is better to use hair protection product before applying heat.


Trims are good for the hair because it cuts off split ends. It may seem weird to get a trim when you are trying to grow out your hair but, split ends slowly grow and causes your hair to be unable to grow as it breaks.


What you has a great affect on hair. Protein provides a building material for your hair which allows it to grow quicker and healthier. Foods that contain protein include: eggs, beans, fish, chick, meat, etc.


Using conditioner replenishes nutrients that your hair needs while shampoo rids your scalp or dirt and oil. It is okay to skip the shampoo but conditioner is essential because it is good for your scalp.

Use Cold water to shower one in a while

Since using hot water damages your hair and dries your scalp leading to hair loss, cold water is more beneficial and better for your hair.

Treat your Hair RIGHT

Your hair is very delicate for example, putting it in a pony tail, braiding it or excessively can break it. Thus, treat your hair as if it as delicate as a baby. This tip may seem obvious but many people do not treat their hair right which is why these questions are asked.

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