Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana,etc... by:Yulisia Parker


Southwest is located in hot , dry places. There are deserts in some places along with much heat it is said that the highest temp. was 120 degrees!

THE STATES and why people love the southwest!

In this region the states are:

  • Arizona
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
  • Minnisoda

The reason why southwest is so enjoyable for people is because...

  • it is home of the grand canyon located in Arizona!
  • valley of fire, located in Nevada!{ a beautiful park with amazing large boulders}
  • ship rock in New Mexico!
  • taos pueblo located in New Mexico! {a small town belonging to Indians}
  • San Jose missions located in Texas { a beautiful church}




  • the southwest is home of the grand canyon.
  • the Hopi, Zuni, and Apache Indian tribes have settled in the southwest region.
  • the southwest once belonged to mexico, but when the Mexicans and the Americans went to war in 1846-48 they lost there land.
  • Indians in this area were very strict about how they used there water.
  • many Mexicans from the war had come to the southwest region because they have once lived in that land.


the reason why the country has divided into different regions is because of characteristics like culture, religion, land forms, geographical location, climate, and economy!

how rules were designed was based on the climate and area. Say for southwest it is very hot so the rules have to base around its surroundings !


the climate in southwest is :

heat, drought, and humidity

the southwest is a very hot, humid place!