Lewis and Clark

By: Tatum Anderson

Lewis and Clark Dog Seaman

  • Seaman was a Newfoundland dog.
  • Seaman was bit by a beaver and almost died.
  • When Lewis died Seaman wouldn't leave his side.
  • Lewis had named a tributary of the Blackfoot River Seaman's creek (now Monture Creek) and concluded that the true name of the dog was "Seaman."

Fort Mandan

  • Lewis and Clark use the Fort Mandan for the winter.
  • The Fort Mandan is located at North Dakota.
  • It was the corps home from 1804 - 1805.
  • Lewis and Clark interviewed members of the nearby Mandan - Hidatsa villages to plot maps and plan the next phase of their journey to the Pacific Ocean.

The Boat of the Expedition

  • The Expedition traveled in three boats.
  • These three boats were the principal from of transportation the expedition used in reaching their winter of 1804 - 1805 camp at the Mandan village in present day North Dakota.
  • Keelboats were generally built in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania and it was here that Lewis commissioned the boat used by the Corps of Discovery.

Camp Dubois

  • Camp Dubois sat at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, near present day Harford, Illinois.
  • Between December 1804 and May 1805, Camp Dubois housed the men of the newly formed Corps of Discovery.
  • During those months dedicated to final preparations for the long journey, these men brawled to drank and disobeyed.
  • Yet as they prepared, the men began the slow process of becoming a corps, a unit.

Village of La Charette

  • On this day in 1806, after nearly two-and-half years spent exploring the western wildness, the Corps of Discovery arrived at the frontier village.
  • It was the first white settlement they had seen since leaving behind the outposts of eastern civilization in 1804.
  • The people of La Charatte rushed to the banks of the Missouri to greet the returning heroes.

Yankton Sioux Tribe

  • Folklore has it that while Lewis and Clark convened with the Yankton Sioux Tribe in 1804, on Calumet Bluff; a made child was born in one of the lodges.
  • Learning of this fact, Caption Lewis sent for the child and wrapped him in an American Flag.
  • Lewis proceeded with a speech in which he prophesied that the boy would live to become eminent among his people and a great friend of the white men.
  • His prophecy came true, for the boy grew up to be the famous "Struck By The Ree", Chief of the Yankton Tribe.

Lewis and Clark Post-Expedition Life

  • Clark rejoined by Lewis by Lewis the Missouri River in August, and the expedition reached St.Louis the next month.
  • Lewis and Clark traveled for 2 years and covering more than 8,000 miles, the epic journey had it reached its conclusion.
  • Lewis and Clark were rewarded for their trailblazing efforts with extra pay and land.