Hoot By: Carl Hiaasen

Jillian Kuzia 6th


Hoot takes place in takes place in Coconut Cove, Florida. At this small restaurant where everyone loves Mother Paula's pancakes. Well everyone does but some do not, because they are building a new restaurant where endangered owls live.

Main Characters

There are many characters in this book both major and minor. The main ones are Roy Eberhardt he is 12 years old and in the book he is known as the "new kid" in school, because he just moved from Montana. The next character is Mullet Fingers he is the same age as Roy. He does not have many friends but he has a step-sister who is Beatrice Leep. Mullet is important to the book because he was the first to stand up in the protest against the owls. Now the "bad" character in the book would have to be Dana Matherson, she is always picking on Roy and calling him names. She is known as the school bully. Some of the minor charachters in the book would be Roy's parents,Culry Branitt, and many others.
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The problem in this story is Roy is starting to realize he needs to grow up, and save the owls from loosing their habit to the new restaurant. This isn't the easiest task to do because he is always getting bullied by Dana, because he is the new kid at school. Which isn't the easiest thing to do at this age. He is starting to realize more new things about himself that he never knew before.

Raising Action

The story starts getting good when the main characters Roy, Mullet, Beatrice and many other students at Trace Middle School (their middle school) join together and stand up to the executives of Mother Paula’s Pancake House to protect the owls from their habit being destroyed.
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Of course in the end Roy wins. The truth comes out about how they wanted the restaurant was going to be built on the owls. The company was forced to back off and the owls were saved. The best part of this book was that Roy finally was able to save the owls, stop being bullied, and learned how to become a mature young man and live like how he did in Montana.