Special Education Update

May 2016

Thank You!

As the year winds down, we have the opportunity to reflect on our successes for the 2015-16 school year. Student progress is evident everywhere we look - from test scores, to bulletin boards, to work samples. Kids have grown academically, socially, and emotionally - and it is largely the result of your commitment to strong instruction, high standards, and nuturing of the whole child. Some students with IEPs don't progress by leaps and bounds, but rather by small increments. The ability to recognize and celebrate this growth is so very important! You come to school everyday because you care about the students of NEISD. Your ability to celebrate every child is one of the things that makes our district such a great place for kids. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and smiles! They are noticed and appreciated. Enjoy your summer!

With great respect,

Your Special Education Director Team

Special Education and Summer Programs

Special education supports and services are available within a variety of summer programs, including Extended School Year (ESY), Summer School, SSI, and Bilingual Pre-K/K. Supports range from the provision of accommodations to in-class supports to ALE. If you have questions about how these supports are implemented in a particular summer program, please contact your GLC, campus coordinator, or cluster program coordinator.

This year, the Special Education department has updated the method that the Summer Programs (Non-ESY) Enrollment Forms will be accepted. This includes students with IEPs who will be attending SSI, Summer School, and Bilingual Pre-K/K. This information is very important as it ensures that the receiving campus / program knows to provide the student with needed accommodations and/or supports.

All forms will now be available using Google Docs NEISD domain. Your cluster program coordinator will provide each campus with access to the Google campus folder. The forms are to be completed for each student expected to attend any summer program. The due date to submit the Summer Programs (Non-ESY) Enrollment Form and supporting documents is June 2, 2016 by 12 PM.

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Special education has designed a wide variety of professional development opportunities to meet your summer learning needs! We have classes on a variety of topics, including: CPI, Standards-Based IEP, Applied Behavior Analysis, Assistive & Augmentive Communication, Dyslexia, Behavior Management, and the Classroom Environment. There are classes designed for coteaching teams to attend together, such as coteaching in the science or social studies classroom. Need to learn how to use eSped or Rethink? We have that, too! There's even program specific training for ALE, Resource, and Redirection teachers!

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