Ancient India

6 characteristics of civilization


Definition: A group of leaders that take action to keep a community safe.

Why do us as a society need a government?

We need government in our society to protect our natural rights, for example... The Declaration of Independence gives us the right to life, liberty and to the pursuit of happiness.

What did government do for Ancient India?

Once government was controlling India it's economy improved. Trade routes were safer, and the road system increased in size. The security was a lot more advanced, so the town and the people were safe. This made India one of the strongest and fastest growing economies. That's why it was important to have government in a community. Having government in a community gives us these things... economy, agriculture, jobs and etc..


Definition: A place where people can live and work.

What does having a city do for our society?

Having cities gives us a place to live.

How does having cities help our society?

Having cities help us get food, jobs, money and etc..

What did having cities do for Ancient India?

It gave them a place to live and it helped them develop agriculture.


Definition: A power that someone believes in.

Why Religion is important?

Religion guides our actions in life, putting a check on criminal tendency in human nature.

Why was religion important for Ancient India?

It was important for them because it shaped their culture.


Definition: A way of communicating using symbols that have meaning.

Why is writing Important?

Writing is important because it's a way of communication.

Why was writing important for Ancient India?

Writing was how ancient India developed culture.


Definition: Meaningful, Creative, Expression.

Why is art important?

It helps develop our culture.

Why is it important to Ancient India?

Art in Ancient India was a big part of their culture and it was one of their ways of communication.

Social Structure

Definition: How people are known in our society based on money and power.

Why is social structure important?

Social structure is important in society today more than it ever was before. It is important because today people get paid based on how skilled someone is at something.

Ancient India's Social Structure-

  1. Priests
  2. Warriors
  3. Herders,farmers,merchants,craftspeople
  4. Farmers, workers, servants and laborers