The Stein's Times

February/March 2016 Newsletter

Curriculum News:

Language Arts: We are currently working on comparing and contrasting nonfiction texts with fiction texts. We have been using a great resource online called Bookflix, in which the students can read a nonfiction text and then watch a fictional text about the same subject. We are moving into comparing and contrasting nonfiction texts. Then, we will start our signpost lessons. These give the students a deeper understanding/comprehension and some higher level thinking strategies. These lessons are focused around the main character: How did the main character change from the beginning to the end of the story? When did the main character have his/her "aha" moment, when did they learn the lesson/moral of the story? Was there another character who gave the main character advice, "words to the wiser"?

Math: We are working on graphing: bar graphs, pictographs and line plots. We are collecting a lot of data about each other to create our own graphs. Next week, we begin learning addition with regrouping. First we start with showing the regrouping by using our hundreds, tens and ones manipulative. Then, we move into pictorial representation of the concept and finally we will teach the equation. We will show this through every lesson, so the students have a deeper understanding. Please keep practicing addition and subtraction facts at home to help with this concept and future concepts.

Writing: Next week, we finish compare and contrast writing. Then we will start nonfiction writing, research writing. The kids are going to try to research a topic and write their own "book"!

Social Studies: Thank you for helping with the family tree project. The trees are displayed and look AMAZING!

Science: We are rolling through our science kit, Balance and Motion. We have balanced pencils on a balancing point, made zoomers and wheels! Next week, we are making a class "roller coaster" with marbles, as we discuss the motion of rolling spheres!

In other news:

  • Read Across America Week:
  • Monday: Hat Day for our favorite cat!
  • Tuesday: Wear orange...we are making a mustache here in honor of The Lorax.
  • Wednesday: Wear green and try some green eggs and ham for lunch!
  • Thursday: Wear your favorite vacation tee...remember books for the book swap.
  • Friday: Crazy socks!

**Don't forget our music program, March 22nd! We are looking forward to singing for you!


  • Tissues
  • Dr. Seuss books for our classroom library, if anyone has any slightly used that they are willing to part with!
  • If anyone has any Dr. Seuss short animated videos/DVDs that we could borrow for next week, please send it along with your child and make sure your name is labeled on the video.