EVS volunteers sounds proud

Approved long-term EVS project, Milicz, Poland

EVS volunteers sounds proud - we are those who believe that good change is something more than political phrase - we are able to create good change.

Foundation Mobilni Polacy is looking for volunteers for long term (12 months) approved EVS project in Poland. If You are interested in please send us your CV and Motivation Letter on our e-mail- evs@mobilnipolacy.org.pl. In topic of your mail please add tittle of the project : „EVS volunteers sounds proud.”


from Russia, Belarus, Georgia

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About the project

Hosting organizations

    According to the project volunteer will work in one of three host organisations:

      1. Fundacja KOM- foundation Kreatywny Obiekt Multifunkcyjny, http://www.kom.edu.pl/.
        Main tasks and responsibilities:
          During work, volunteer have to help in organizing and management workshops for kids, organizing games indoors and outdoors or preparing city games.

          2.Association of Disabled Children- one of the largest associations which helps disabled in Poland- http://www.mspdion.org.pl/.
            Volunteer will work in Workshops of Occupational Therapy centre, there volunteer will be active involved in:
            • - gardening workshops,
            • - social development workshops
            • - plastic workshops
            • - home management workshops
            • - carpentry workshops
            • - tailoring workshops.
            Main taks during that is to help disabled people and help coordinators in teaching.

            3. Culture Centre and library
              Volunteer will be helping in organizing different activities for local community, for example:
              • workshops for kids and teenagers,
              • language club,
              • meetings with interesting people,
              • other clubs like movie, music or traveling

              Detailed description of the project

              Hosting org's are going to be 3 cultural and educational institutions: public - Cultural Centre and Library, NGO - Creative Multi-function Object (Foundation KOM) and NGO–A Friends Associations of Children and People with Disabilities in Milicz (MSPDiON).Sending org's will be 3 NGO's from a partner countries: Russia, Belarus and Georgia. Coordinating org. is Foundation Mobile Poles.We will invite 3 vol's - one from each of the partner orgs.: Russian, Belarusian and Georgian. Together with the public partner and two the strongest NGO’s from the district of Milicz (KOM and MSPDiON) because of the current situation in Europe, we recognized that it is worth to take actions which will support creative and artistically gifted for pro-democracy minded young people from countries where democracy is developing or facing some challenges nowadays. The project is open to only to 3 vol's, because it has a special character and we are not able to effectively deliver the knowledge and skills for larger group of youngsters. We are going to focus on formal and non-formal methods of working. They are based on the practical experience of teachers / trainers / mentors and student activity. The Vol's are expected to execute tasks which were given to him/her. One of our principle method is quote said by Benjamin Franklin:"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."They are going to collaborate together in non-formal way of education. They are going to be focused on cooperation and mutual activity. In this case "teacher" does not only transmit knowledge but is also a caregiver guide.The learning process is flexible and tailored to the needs of the student.Moreover the student shows the ways of direction, tempo and form of learning process.Vol's will co-decision significantly shaped their EVS in all areas where it is possible without changing the goals of the project.They are going to be equal partners.They supposed to be creative and artistic souls, so we will not be limiting them, because the project is aimed only for 3 people, the bigger group we couldn’t offer it without exposing the hosting org. for disorganization of our work. In the project we want to achieve the following results:a.Equipped with these 3 young people with the skills and abilities that will allow them not only critical assessment and verification of messages, mostly media, which are indoctrinated in their countries.(Mainly raise their ability to work in the area of social-media, but also learn the rules of the functioning of the traditional media in a democratic state)b.to promote intercultural diversity among local society - to show that art is an universal language and an excellent medium common to all human values of freedom, tolerance and respect for human rights. c.teach - vol's-working methods within education and beyond informal, so that they can effectively change reality in their home countries. d.Give a chance to get to know the culture of Polish NGO’s and public institutions, young people who can benefit from them as of good practices, just as we learnt standards from the Europe western countries 25 years ago. e.Improving the knowledge of the English language among vol. and Polish NGO’s workers and Russian language among Polish local society The expected impact of the project is to change attitudes towards Local's eastern societyneighbors-from a dismissive-hostile to accepting attitude. We believe that through the arts(We already have vision of organizing a variety numbers of concerts for instance to sing Russian bards poetry of Vysotsky, Okudzhava by vol's and youth from local high schools.We want to promote Great Russian literature-Gogol, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and Bulgakov). We strongly believe that we are able to build bridges, introduce language and culture of Eastern states to local Polish people and make them interested in it and develop positive instruments for intercultural communication and exchange of common experience in democracy construction. Cooperation with sending org. from Georgia is important for us for several reasons.One of them is already mentioned high interest in meeting to know more about their culture and tradition.What is more 2 of our host org's the Municipality of Milicz and MSPDiON) have established contacts with their Georgian counterparts since 2015.We would like to develop bonds between Poland and Georgia. Coord. Org. also had partners from this country and is interested in integrating the Caucasus countries with the European cultural values.The most important long-term benefit is empowerment of democratic processes in the partner countries, so they are no longer a threat to European values ​​and for their own citizens (even by limiting their rights and freedom).Long-term benefit for Polish local society but also the whole Polish community, it is the implication of the previously mentioned process–it is better to have friends in the East who share our values ​​and ideals than idolising by anti-democratic media enemies, not only in power, but also among the public.


              Project will take place in Milicz, Poland. It is a small city ocuppied by 15 000 citizens located in the Lower Silesian region in Poland.

              Volunteers will live in 3 or 4 rooms flats with kitchen and bathroom, every volunteer have separated room. Our flats are located near to work places. Every flat have wifi connection.

              Local transport

              Because Milicz is small city we don't have there any local transport, coordinator supply volunteer with own bike for duration of the project.
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              Food and pocket money

              Every volunteer will receive 85EUR/ month of pocket money and money for food. In total 750PLN/ month. At the beginning of EVS activities we will open for each volunteer own bank account.


              Every volunteer will receive reimbursement directly to his/ her account. Budget for each country is based on EU Commission calculator. Please contact us for more details.

              Support and language course

              Each volunteer will have mentor.

              According to rules of EVS project; coordinator will organize polish lessons, once per week for 90minutes.

              How to apply?

              Please sent to us your CV and motivation letter on evs@mobilnipolacy.org.pl

              In topic of your mail please add tittle of the project : „EVS volunteers sounds proud.”

              If you still can't decide about going to EVS

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