Columbian Exchange Yes or No?

By:Diego Desharnais

What was the columbian exchange?

The columbian exchange happened through 1450-1750.The columbian exchange brought positive and negative effects.Some of the positve effects were horeses pigs and cattle for food and help. The horses have helped the native Americans to hunt buffalo also the pigs and cattle were good for eating.Those were reasons why the columbian exchange was a positive effect.

Negative effects of the columbian exchange.

Their were negative effects in the columbian exchange like potatoes,diseases like whooping cough and smallpox.The potatoes had caught diseases so the people who ate the potatoes were now dead because of them. The diseases like smallpox and whooping cough were dangerous disease that killed people.In conclusion I would not vote for the columbian exchange to happen.Please vote against the columbian exchange is it worth all of those peoples lives