Fever 1793

By: Laurie Halse Anderson


Matilda - teenage girl, brown blondish hair, strong, brave, survived the yellow fever, lives in Philadelphia, works in a family coffeehouse.

Eliza - african american, cook in the coffeehouse, lives in the brothers house, is really good with medical treatment.

Mother - Matilda's mother, runs the coffeehouse, gets yellow fever

Grandfather - veteran, sick but not of yellow fever, cares of Matilda while mother is ill

Silas - Matildas cat which supports her through the journey.

Mrs Flagg - the women who helps Matilda survive yellow fever.


The setting for the book Fever 1793 takes place in Philadelphia in a small town. Usually the town is very very busy but mostly everyone leaves when yellow fever hits. During the summer is when it takes place and it gets really hot.


In the book Fever 1793 the main characters are Matilda, Grandfather, Eliza, and Mother. The setting is Philadelphia. When Mother gets yellow fever she sends Matilda and Grandfather away so they won't get sick of yellow fever. Grandfather is sick but he's not sick of yellow fever. Matilda gets yellow fever while she's leaving so her grandfather takes her to Bush Hill where she recovers. Since she's recovered they go back to Philadelphia and intruders invaded her house. She looses her grandfather and so she's all alone since her mother is missing. But soon towards the end she reunites with Eliza in looking for her mother.


The conflict is person vs. nature because everyone is trying to survive the yellow fever epidemic.


"Shafts of death fly closer and closer to us everyday" page: 138

"Oh then the hands of of the pitiful mother prepared he childs body for the grave". page:14

"I smelled the breath of death for the first time since all this hardship began, and was scared" page: 54