Health Concerns

By: Taylor Eberhart


  • Awareness of mid range sounds develops first.
  • Ear infections cause permanent problems if untreated.
  • By 11 children have adult auditory awareness
  • The Eustachian tube connects ear to throat.
  • The tube changes positions which prevents bacteria.
  • Prevents bacteria from mouth to enter ear.


  • During Middle Childhood, children lose their primary teeth.
  • The central incistors are first to fall out,
  • By 12 permanent will replace primary teeth.
  • Changes in mouth will accomadate permanent teeth.
  • Tooth loss can have a psychological effect.
  • Tooth decay is a common health problem.
  • Risks of cavitys are with poor hygine.
  • Teachers and parents should promote good hygine.


  • By six children are ready to read.
  • Farsighted: See objects far clearer than up-close.
  • Being farsighted is common in preschool children.
  • Nearsighted: see close objects clearly than distance.
  • Throughout middle childhood, nearsightedness.
  • Children engaged in closeup work causes nearsightedness
  • 25% children will need their vision corrected.


  • Obesity is characterized by excessive bodily fat.
  • If weighs 20% more than others of same sex.
  • Obesity effects health and lack of self-esteem.
  • Overweight can be inherited or environmentally contributed.
  • Eating habits affect, abuse, death, alcoholism, divorce.
  • Lack of physical activity can cause obesity.
  • Risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood-pressure
  • Child and parent needs to change behaviors.
  • Encourage healthy foods and control the size portions.
  • They should be encouraged to exercise more.