Occupational outlook

Career details: Duties, working schedule, working location, salary

Repairs and install heating and air conditioning systems in residential areas and facilities. HVACR mechanics usually work full time and sometimes have the weekend shifts. In different season, like winter or summer, hours might become irregular. the mechanics usually work in residential areas, such as small neighbourhoods or in facilities such as schools or factories.

the median salary for a technician is $42,530 a year.

Education needed, skills required

To become and HVACR technician you need a Post secondary non-degree award. Also they need to go through a 6 month to 2 year program in a technical school. Basic motor mechanic skills are needed for this career and basic motor skills. work places my be cramped so adaptation to cramped places will be needed.

Emilio Cedillo

Job outlook and growth.

The job outlook for HVACR technician is seen through 2010-2020. the growth is about 32% faster than average.