Reagan Russell & Austin Anthony

Time period for the babylonians: (1900-1100BCE)

Geographic Location: Central-Southern Mesopotamia


Babylonians were Jewish. It began when it was the end of the Assyrian empire in the 700s BCE did not use money, but paid for things using food, jewelry, and wool. In return for their work, the government made sure that everyone had food, shelter, and clothing.

Social Structure

King was the highest and slaves were the lowest. There were also noble, free citizens, and those is the civil services. In the empire there were mostly 3 levels of class. The highest was Awilu, A slave or Wardu, And Mushkenu was a free person with low estate.


They established a monarchy King and God they believed that the king got his authority from God to make the rules. They set up a military and a taxation. The King gets to make all the rules for the people.


they had temples. Babylon was fortified by two sets of walls (inner and outer). The outer layer was formed by three walls made of sun-dried and baked mud bricks. fortress walls and towers.
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This is Sargon I, known as Sargon the Great, was a Semitic king who ruled the earliest Babylonian Empire.
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This is an ancient scroll from Babylon


The Babylonians adopted the Sumerian writing system called cuneiform.
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