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Support Services and Communication for Students and Parents

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Need to Know

  • GPS Services
Mrs. Menard (Room 366/Science) and Mrs. Brewer (Room 115/English), the HAL coordinators at Bellevue West, are here to provide support to students and parents in terms of classroom differentiation, college preparation and social/emotional needs. Room 351 will be used every day during GPS to provide these services.
  • Peer Tutors Needed

We have had a great response from the teachers about our new peer tutoring program. This means that we are in great need of peer tutors. If you are interested but missed the meetings, you should contact Mrs. Brewer or Mrs. Menard or come to room 351 during GPS. If you are already approved to be a tutor, please utilize the google doc that was shared with you to sign up for an available day(s) to tutor.

  • Seniors-Scholarship Information
From the counseling office...

Leta Hollingworth Scholarship

"The award consists of a cash award in the amount of $1000 and a copy of A Forgotten Voice, A Biography of Leta Stetter Hollingworth. One award will be given each year to a graduating senior.

The recipient must have distinguished him or herself through outstanding achievement, accomplishment, or unusual ability. The award winner will be announced by May 1.

Nebraska born Leta Stetter Hollingworth was considered a pioneer in the field of Gifted Education. She spent much of her life advocating for the gifted and highly gifted children. Hollingworth worked extensively at Speyer School in New York City, with children who scored between 130 and 200 IQ on the Stanford-Binet. She was well known for considering the social/emotional as well as the intellectual needs of high ability students. She also conducted the first longitudinal study of children above 180 IQ.

The funding for this award is made possible by Nebraska Association For Gifted as a result of the tireless effort of Dr. Linda Silverman to recognize Leta Hollingworth. In an effort to recognize the present work of Dr. Silverman and the past work of Leta Hollingworth this award is made available."

An email containing the application forms for this scholarship will be sent to all HAL seniors.

Upcoming Events

  • ACT/SAT Information
-ACT Test Dates: 2/7 (register by 1/9), 4/18 (register by 3/13), 6/13 (register by 5/8)

-register on

-SAT Test Dates: 3/14 (register by 2/13), 5/2 (register by 4/6), 6/6 (register by 5/8)

-register on

-ACT Prep Classes:

2/5: Westside High School at 5:30-9:30 p.m. ($30,

3/2: Bellevue West during GPS (free, but space is limited, register in the Counseling Office)

-Online Test Preparation (code: NWPPHCWP)

  • Registration

Registration for 2015-2016 school year has begun. Attached are newly developed registration forms to assist with selection of classes for next year. Students have also received a hard copy of the form below in their GPS. This form is intended to help facilitate a conversation between you, your parent/guardian, and your current teachers regarding appropriate selection of rigorous classes. Please remember that the bulk of HAL services occur in the higher level classes you select. Feel free to print a copy of the form below and begin your planning if you want. Seniors, you are not registering for high school classes so please consult counselors for future planning.


This month's video focuses on the importance of AP classes for college bound students.
High School Senior Passes 14 AP Courses

Contact Information

  • Email:
Mrs. Menard:

Mrs. Brewer:

  • GPS: Room 351
  • Phone: 402-293-4040
  • Classrooms:
Mrs. Menard (Science) Room 366

Mrs. Brewer (English) Room 115