The Weekly Growl

February 16 - 22, 2014


This Week

Monday, February 17

  • Presidents Day/Bad Weather Makeup Day for January 24

Tuesday, February 18

  • 6:30 IB Night @ SPHS
  • 7:30 Hernandez Idol Concert and Bake Sale Fundraiser

Wednesday, February 19

  • Dress to the Nines Day
  • 3:30 CLT Meeting
  • 6:30 Non-Varsity Band/Orchestra Pre-UIL Concert

Thursday, February 20

  • 4:00 Principal's Open Door
  • Report Cards Go Home
  • 3:30 - 5:30 Math Thursday Academy

Friday, February 21

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt
  • End of 4th Six Weeks - New Date

Saturday, February 22

  • 9:00 - 12:00 ELA Saturday Academy

Next Week

Monday, February 24

  • 6:00 - 8:00 Parent Involvement Night
  • 6:00 - 6:45 Incoming 5th Graders Presentation
  • 6:00 - 6:45 Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 6:30 PTA General Meeting, Cafeteria
  • 6:45 - 7:30 5th Grade Open House
  • 6:45 - 7:30 6th/7th Grade Choice Sheet Counseling and Questions

Tuesday, February 25

  • Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 26

  • Dress to the Nines Day
  • 3:30 Grade Level Meetings
  • 6:30 PTA Board Meeting

Thursday, February 27

  • Report Cards Distributed in Advisory
  • 4:00 Principal's Open Door
  • 5:30 Track Meet @ Walsh

Friday, February 28

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt

Saturday, March 1

  • 9:00 - 12:00 Science/Social Studies Saturday Camp

Upcoming Events

March 4 5:00 Site Based Meeting

March 5 3:30 Faculty Meeting

March 6 Principal's Open Door

March 6 5:30 Track Meet @ Hernandez

March 7 3:20 Fire Drill

March 7 End of 3rd Week of 5th Six Weeks


March 19 1:30 Early Release

March 19 1:30 - 2:30 Grade Level Meetings

March 20 Progress Reports Go Home

March 20 3:30 - 5:30 Math Thursday Academy

March 20 4:00 Principal's Open Door

March 20 5:30 Track Meet @ Deerpark

March 22 9:00 - 12:00 Science Saturday Academy

March 24 6:00 Parent Involvement Night

March 24 6:30 PTA General Meeting

March 26 3:30 CLT Meeting

March 26 6:30 PTA Board Meeting

March 27 4:00 Principal's Open Door

March 27 5:30 Track Meet @ Grisham

March 29 9:00 - 12:00 Science Saturday Academy


Sam Smith 17

Virginia Cole 21

Sheryl Gilchrist 21

Stephanie Saggiante 22

Eric Gerhardstein 23

Saby Espinoza 25

Jennifer Lillard 26

I'd like to send out the kudos to Ms. Larissa Ortiz for support of our Hernandez Idol show, buying tickets & baking goodies for our bake sale.

Marydale Troxler for her amazing support of our Fine Arts program & our entire school. She has an amazing depth of creativity and resourcefulness, working for the students' success.

Carly Boeselt for her sweet attitude and technology brain that helped me tremendously this week and previously.

Jett Walker for lending me some horn players during an extremely busy season! Lauren Esparza for your continual patience with my frequent "visits" to the band room.

Lisa Smith, Mutscher, Maryadele Troxler and Laurie Stauffer for the extra hours as Idol judges!

Dr. Brennan and Ms. Lopez for lending us umbrellas for our show!

Ms. Gutierrez for your pep talks and encouragement and compassion with our students with extra challenges!

Mr. Bob for your enthusiasm in everything, but especially on announcements. I also have a depth of gratitude to you for being such an awesome role model and sharing your support and wisdom with my 7th & 8th grade boys!

Marbel and Hilda for your immense patience with all my flubs and requests this week. Your smiles are radiating to see, walking into the office!

Ms. Morgan, Ms. Vastano, Ms. Barnhart, Ms. Carter, Mr. Gembecki, & Ms. Ross for your communication and working together for strategies to help my struggling (or "motivationally challenged") students. I'm a bit overly motherly, but I know that together we are training them to be more organized and time-efficient with their studies. MS is the training ground before high school, and I appreciate the seeds of success that you are planting for the students. It takes a village!

And the AWESOME COACH WELLS, who I can't help but love and adore. She has such a great and loving heart. She keeps me laughing and is always there to help a sista out, driving our students in choir.

Also, a shout out for Coach Murphy for helping me out this year with driving the students. You're a class act, Coach Murphy!

Ms. Branca for working with motivationally challenged students! Much thanks to you too.

Also, much thanks to the Cuero's for lending a helping hand for our Idol show!

And, of course, to Ms. Evelyn Cubias for keeping a level head through an extremely demanding job, plus picking up extra work in Ms. Espinosa's absence!

- Kim Pollini

Kudos to TammyFern for being so bright and cheerful and sparkly.

Kudos to Kim Pollini for sharing the joy of Hernandez Idol with me and for being all around wonderful!

Kudos to Ashley Brunette for her outstanding job with her students. When the young man comes to my classroom on Thursday morning carrying breakfast, he is so proud of himself and last Thursday, he counted back my change for a $20 and did it exactly right. Thanks Ashley, for breakfast and sharing your students' smiles.

Thanks to Coach Smith and Coach Wells for letting me share in your basketball season and for the carnation. You both do an amazing job.

Thanks to Julia Ross for having sassy sense of humor and a ready reply.

Thanks to Lisa Smith for being my friend and confidante and all around sweetheart!

- Laurie Stauffer

Kudos to everyone for hanging in there. Valentines day on a Friday with the full moon in bloom! It's been a great year! Keep up the great work!

- Kadia Koch

Shout out to Danielle Lacey for working so hard during and after school!!! Especially considering all she has going on right now! Thank you on behalf of all the students!

Thank you to Mr. Bob for counseling our wayward youth when they seem most in need. You will never know the impact you have.

Shout out to Mrs. Reale for always being so organized and on-top of her game! I am always in awe!

Thank you to Irma Bauer for always being ready to come help out when someone is in need. Thank you for working with my students who deserved a technology lesson while another group got remediation.

- Jennifer Bloch

Kudos to Maryadele Troxler for going above and beyond "normal' and regular activities Thank you!!

- Marbel Donosso

Thanks to Jett Walker, Carly Boeselt and Lauren Esparza for the Staff Appreciation Luncheon here in the library on Wednesday!

Shout out to Stephanie Stoebe, Elaine Fowler, Catherine Gutierrez, Evelyn Cubias, Danielle Lacey and Wendy Tucker for your all-around awesomeness and for making my work days fun and enjoyable!

- Cherri Urban

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