Middle School get Me OUT of HERE

By: James Patterson

What Happened

Rafe Khatchadorian's life changes completely. After a fire at his mom's job, they have to move to the city to live with his Grandma Dotty. And he can't attend Airbrook Arts Academy like he had planned. He now has to attend a big city school called Cathedral School of the Arts. On the first day he gets a project to show who he really is and it has to be critiqued by his class. These are called crits and they do the regularly. Everyone makes fun of his picture, and he meets his new rivals, Kenny and Zeke. They start a little war by playing pranks on each other which continues throughout the book. When Rafe meets his new friend, Matty the Freak, they get revenge on Zeke and Kenny. But when Rafe and Maddy get into trouble on a field trip, their friendship is destroyed.

264 pages


The theme of this book is New Beginnings because Rafe's life changes completely. This applies to my life because when I went to middle school my life changed. Also at elementary school I was pretty popular but when I went to 6th grade I was a regular person. In this book Rafe makes a friend and in middle school I've made ton of new friends. Rafe gets in trouble a lot, but I only get in trouble a little. That's how the theme relates to my life.

Point of View

This story is told in 1rst person by Rafe Khatchadorian.

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