April 15-19

What's Happening

Clubs will start this week Notes have gone home so your child knows which club they are in.

There will be an Assembly on Wednesday. All parents are welcome to attend.

Language - students will be doing their speech that they prepared on Inuksuks on Monday. I can't wait to hear how they do! We will be reading Troika, and continuing with our chapter book "Polar Bears Past Bedtime".

Math - we are continuing to work on 3D and 2D shapes, as well as solving problems using a calendar.

Social - We will be learning about Nunavut. We will be learning about the Inuit housing in the past, and the Inuktitut language.

Science - We will be exploring liquids and finding out if all liquids mix and what kinds of things dissolve in liquids.

Also, mark your calendars for April 26 and April 27 for the Primary Musical "Alice in Wonderland Jr." Also, on April 30 there is the School Benefit Concert.

Have a great week.