By Grant Bochenski

Introduction to Grief

Grief is an inevitability. Everyone needs to face grief at some point of their life. But for some people the pain of the loss is too much and then grief can turn to many other problems and issues. These problems consist of substance problems, and there are many long term effects such as depression, physical problems, and personality changes.

What Grief Can Cause

When someone is going through grief, he or she may be at higher risk of abusing drugs, alcohol, and all around have a higher risk of substance abuse because the person will use the substance to help with the pain not feel as bad for them selves. Acorrding to in the artical called “Signs and Sympyoms, Causes and Effects”, it is possible to overdose on antidepressants.When you are in a state of grief you may become depressed and may be more susceptible to abuse a substance to make the pain of the loss as bad.

The Long Term Effects

Personality Traits

A effect from grief is that someone may gain traits from the loved one that has passed.If a person who lossed a member of their family that contributed and certain thing the family that trait may be passed on on to another member of the family. From the article “Grief and Depression” in the Health Reference Center, a person may gain the personality traits and they might act like the loved one that has passed , to contribute to the family or friends.

Mental Issues

Menatal dissorders may eventually acurre in the patient that has been grief strucken.According to in the artical “Signs and Symptoms, Causus and Effects” long term effects can be mental issues such as deprssion. When people are in a very bad state of grief the may develop depression from this sadness. And if this depression worsens then an antidepressant may be a solution, but when a person is taking an antidepressant they are more likely to abuse and get addicted to the drug because that lowers the pain of a loss. The same can happen with alcohol because it also makes the pain not as great and then they get dependent on it and can’t stop.

Physical issues

Another symptom of grief is that some people may develop physical issues. In the article “Signs And Symptoms, Cause and Effects” in, it states if a person keeps on grieving for a long time they can develop physical issues. In the article “Grief and Depression” from Health Reference center,Physical symptoms may be—an empty feeling in the stomach; headaches; heaviness in the chest; insomnia (or a need to sleep too much); lethargy; loss of appetite or altered eating habits; numbness; skin eruptions; shortness of breath; tears; tendency to hyperventilate; and tightness in the throat. “ This happens because the person may be going through a lot of emotion and that put a lot of strain on the body. Grief can eventually cause these pains.

The Inevitability

Obviously, grief can lead to many horrible and life changing conditions such as substance abuse and depression. For most people grief is a struggle but they can get around it. But for some people, the pain of grief is too much, and it can develop into something much worse. For everyone, grief is an inevitability: there is no way around it.

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