Android Software Developer

By: David Marterella and Hunter Fitzingo

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Job duties

To be a software developer you have to be interested in the development process of software. You need to be able to research, design, and test many different types of software. You will be expected to invent or develop new applications and help build new software for our company. To be a developer for Android you have to be able to be a problem solver and also be able to test and improve software.

Job Requirements

To be able to qualify for this position you have to have earned your Bachelor's degree, but if you would like to advance in your career you need to take classes to stay up to date on software. You also need to have personal experience with android devices and teaching others about them. You should be able to handle software and deal with the everyday developments of it. A developer also needs to interact with other developers and clients to solve technical and software system challenges.

Expected Salary

When you first come to our job you will be started at $14 per hour. Then after 3-5 months or your work ethic your pay will be raised to $20 per hour. After your time working at Android your earnings will continue to raise. Your yearly salary will start out at $90,000 then continue to raise. Also if your position changes it could affect your salary significantly.


This type of software is leading the pack in performance on all types of devices. Android is the world's most used operating system for a mobile device. We believe in style, performance, and evolving technology. At our our company we don't settle for anything less than the best. so if you want this job you have to prove you don't either