Comprehension Check #3

The Best Part of the 5E Learning Cycle.... ENGAGE!

Purpose of ENGAGE

1. Introduces main topic

2. Excites student interest

3. Activates prior knowledge

4. Identifies misconceptions & preconceptions

What teachers and students do in this stage


- Ask probing questions

- Check for prior knowledge and possible misconceptions

- Build interest and curiosity

- Provide focus

- State the question for investigation


- Determine what they already know (prior knowledge)

- Get excited about the topic

Some Examples of ENGAGE are....

- Interesting Demonstrations

- Related Current Events to the Topic

- Talking about and Clarifying misconceptions through testing

Importance of ENGAGE in Constructivism

Constructivism is all about having students being allowed to form learning through experience, not through the teacher "feeding" the info to them. They are an active part os the learning process, which makes learning much more meaningful. By implementing a meaningful ENGAGE activity that allows students to be part of their learning their experience will be so much more memorable!