Mrs. Roberts' Class

September 16, 2016


What a busy week!

We finished up on our first reading unit "Readers Build Good Habits" and are diving into Unit 2, "Word Detectives" next week. Your children are doing a great job of growing their reading stamina during their independent read time each day. They are also starting to have some good book discussion with their reading partners. We take time each day to meet with our reading partner and talk about our books. This week we worked on introducing our book to our reading partner and we also worked on not just telling our partner a word when they struggle, but instead, give them help to solve the tricky word problem. I hope they are doing some of these things at home with you!

In writing we are continuing to work on stories from our lives. We have worked hard this week to bring our stories to life. To make our characters move, feel, and think. We are also working to tell our stories in small rather than large steps.

In math we finished the week comparing numbers in order to place them on a number line. We will continue to work on comparing numbers (greater than, less than, equal to) the first part of next week as well as have a math test over module 2.

This week was "Celebrate Freedom Week" and we spent some time each day talking about our country and its important symbols and documents. I showed the class a music video done by a group of kids from the Cambridge Central School called "We the People". The kids really enjoyed it. The kids loved dressing in their red, white, and blue. I got some great pictures of them along with some of them working on the flags we made in class today.

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Important Upcoming Dates

September 23 - Homecoming Pep Rally

October 6 - Movie Night on the Pavillion

October 10 - Parent Conferences

October 17-21 - School Safety Week/Practice Procedures

October 21 - Pep Rally @ High School

October 24-28 - Red Ribbon Week

October 29 - Fall Festival