Farm Animals

Connor Halvorson

Summary of situation

As lots of people know animals on large industrial farms animals are not treated to the same level of confort as other farms that are not so large. Often times the animals are grown and given diferrent substances to grow specific parts of there bodies. For example in some chicken farms the chickens are iether grown for there egg production or there breast size where as cows are grown for milk production or for the ammount of meat on there bones. Beacause of this the animals are kept very close together sometimes never leaving cages or never seeing the sunlight until the head for the slaughter house.

Sience behind this issue

This subject has a large ammount of ammount of sientific issues behind it. For example on of the large ones is ethics but a larger one in my opinion is the supply of food. This may not sound like a sientific issue but this goes back to nutrition. If more room is aloted to farms for animals then it is more efficient to fit as many animals in that space as possible to produce more food.

Should this research continue

I belive that more research should be put into how to provide more confort for the animals for the short period of time they are alive. But at the same time with how our country runs and how america puts little value into farming so therefore the farms still need to produce alot to make any profit.