ROOM 215

Mrs. White's Team


READING: Students rotated through each of the 4th grade classrooms to work on Non-Fiction articles in our Scholastic News. We read a fossils article, Anti-Bullying article and an article about the ever popular Minecraft! :) We worked on comprehension and discussion of the topics.

MATH: We started long division. Students are doing a great job and we will continue to practice division over the next couple of weeks.

WRITING: Students continued writing their Narrative stories! They have had some great imaginations and I am so excited to read them.

SCIENCE: We completed our rock unit with a ROCK BUFFET! Ask your students about the types of rocks we created using food.


READING: Students will be reading a Reader's Theater about a group of students that help with sea turtles. We will also read articles about sea turtles to go along with our story.

MATH: We will continue to work on Division. Please see the video below for help.

WRITING: Students will be creating a story about Tom the Turkey and must come up with a creative way to hide him so that he doesn't become someone's dinner!

SCIENCE: We will be reading articles about how people across the globe eat insects and how they are nutritious. We will have an activity where students MAY try a bug. Please note - this is if they want to!

We hope to get Mr. Watkins to come down and eat an insect for us!

Pumpkin Theme Day:

We had so much fun with our theme day today!

We did a beautiful art project to decorate our hallway.

We made "Popping Pumpkins" and Catapults in science.

We also had "Rock Buffet" to make the 3 different types of rocks we have been learning about. There were delicious and fun to eat!



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