Issac Newton

Sir Issac Newton's work.

As a professor at university, he taught many lectures and many students. He also theorized that white light was a composite of all colors of the spectrum, and that light was composed of particles. Many people doubted him, and multiple scientist wanted to see more of his theory with different things. He also made the 3 laws of motion, that have been tested and proven right by many scientist. He wrote many books, upon which he wrote his theories, and mathematical thoughts.

Affects on Society

Sir Isaac Newtons work made people realize that science was fact, and they should rely on that fact. More scientist made theories, and more people started going by logical answers. His theories proved there were answers to a lot of questions known to them. People started thinking for themselves, and finding their own answers. Some scientist did doubt his work, and it made them want to prove something different. Which was why they started asking him questions. He did prove his theories multiple times right, and other scientists had no other option than to go by his words.


Issac newton did many new things for science. Some of those being discovering the laws of gravity. as so:

1: An object in motion stay in motion unless acted against by a other force.

2: the relationship between and objects mass m, its acceleration a, and the force f is f =ma. saying that the force against a still object has the same force pushing up and down,

3: For every action, their is a equal and opposite force.