Gold Rush


The tools used in gold mining

Although gold pans were much in evidence during the early days of the Gold Rush, miners used them less and less as time went on and they created better gold extraction devices. Even today, however, some gold seekers will use the light and simple pans for finding gold. Knowing that when the gold “color” stops, a vein or two of gold feeding into the stream may be close at hand.

The different types of mining

There are many tools you can use for gold minning. If you are panning in a river you will need a pan, a shovel, a pick and a californian cradle. If you are minning down in the ground you will need windlass and a bucket. To separat gold you will need a sluice box. But it really depends on what you are looking for and were.

Types Of Tools Used To Find Gold.

•The Chinese on The Goldfields


The Chinese were disliked on the gold field's because they would find more that the british. Sometimes the british would leave a spot thinking that all the gold was gone. Then the chinese would come along and get more then the british could and that made them mad. It lead to a fight bewtween the Chinese and british. It became so bad that the goverment had to make a place were Chinese could go only. The british had thought that the Chinese were very weird because that they wore very weird clothes they used very weird bamboo things to help them carry food and built really werid temples and the british thought that they came to steal there women, other than that the Chinese were no diffrent. They would send gold home just like we did to the familys to help suport them.

•Women on the goldfields

The women we hard working people. Unlike us they didn't have a machinery so they would spend 6 days of the week doing manual labour and on sunday they would go to Church. In some cases the women would even have to build there on house while the men would go gold paning hoping to strike at rich. The women didn't have many rights in the gold rush. They couldn't vote they couldn't get a job and won't recognized as much as the men.

Life on the goldfields

life on the gold field's as only suited hard workers, people that never gave up and people that have good eye sight. Very rarley did they find any gold. Somtimes you would work for mouths and still find nothing, somtimes people would never find anything. Gold minners would have to live in tent for the rest of the gold rush because they would have to move when the gold was all gone.

By Olivia Sullivan 5T