Oil Spills

By: Jake Singleton

Why I chose this project

I chose this project because I am familiar with the Oil industry and the dangers and safety of the world of it and how it is operated and maintained.

About Oil Spills

Q1: Oil Spills affect the food change and how the ocean environment operates. It also affects Coral Reefs, The Ocean Floor and Especially the animals that live there.

Q2: It has almost no good affects besides moving their homes which can be bad.

Q3: North America is surrounded by water and can be affected anywhere from the Gulf of Mexico, to the Pacific Ocean and The Atlantic.

Q4: The wildlife mostly affected is of course... (sorry for repeating) all ocean wildlife living in that region.

Q5: They can be killed or be in serious critical damage.

Q6: Yes, it does because the economy of the Houston area is huge it also could affect the water supply.

Q7: Yes, it puts tons of lives on the line and peoples job and of course the stuff we eat and the fish, we rely on the ocean.

Q8: Anything from Oil platforms to pollutants in a stream can affect it, also Oil tankers and boats if there hulls spill.

Q9: People can setup Oil booms and try to clean up the water and move it into a dump somewhere else to safely extract the water from the oil, also people prevent it by taking many safety precautions.

Q10: My solution would be to slow down the increasing rate of dangers in offshore oil drilling and only be able to operate the platforms in daytime to prevent cautions, and also make sure to check all boat hulls to be oil spill safe.

Big image

This is a spill from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill or The Gulf Oil Spill (2010)

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Ecology Affection

This is one of the many animals affected by Oil Spills its habitat is in the ocean and this shows what kind of effects it not only does to us but the oceans animals and plants.
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The air around us

The fires from this oil spill effect the air around us and the toxic chemicals it brings.
The Oil Spill