Franklin Academy Pembroke Pines K-8

Parent Newsletter | October 2018

A Message from Ms. Diaz, Principal

As I walk down the hallways, I hear exuberant voices and keen learning happening all around! It's exciting to see the science projects and special work from our students decorating the halls, to see just how much our students are learning every day.

Something your child should be doing is reading every day. A special time set aside for reading as a family is a great way to encourage those reading minutes that are so valuable in growing students' vocabularies and comprehension. The Scholastic Book Fair in September was an excellent opportunity to pick up some new books to read at home.

So, grab your favorite book and settle down to read each day. Student learning is greatly impacted by it!

What's Been Going On

Service Expo 2018

Franklin Academy Pembroke Pines K-8 Campus held its Second Annual Service Expo on Tuesday, October 2, 2018, and it was a wonderful event! Agencies and organizations from all over South Florida came to campus to share their volunteer opportunities and organization missions with our students and families. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Organization requires that all IB World Schools have a Service as Action component in the Middle Years Programme curriculum, and Franklin Academy Pembroke Pines has a requirement of one service activity per quarter. That night, the cafeteria was buzzing with energy and excitement. The volunteers from the service agencies were prepared with colorful signs and treats for the students, and the students and families were prepared with questions and eagerness to join. As the event was drawing to a close, students started to leave with smiles on their faces and excited plans about how they were going to volunteer with their favorite organization. All-in-all, the Service Expo was a hit!

Boosterthon & Spirit Week

Dress up as your future S.T.E.A.M. Career Day, Mad Scientist Day, Retro Video Game Day.... all part of the Boosterthon/Spirit Week fun! Students came in costume and showed up for FTE (Full Time Enrollment) Spirit Week. Attendance is an important part of getting an education, and that's what we focus on during FTE Spirit Week. Ending the week with the Fun Run/Color Run just puts the icing on the cake! A good time was had by all!

Hispanic Heritage Festival

National Hispanic Heritage Month is a month-long celebration that begins on September 15 and ends on October 15. Here at Franklin Academy, it has been a great time to enrich students’ appreciation of Hispanic and Latin American heritage and to celebrate their contributions to the American culture! There have been endless activities for students to explore Hispanic and Latin American culture, giving them the chance to celebrate their own heritage while appreciating the uniqueness of others.

We culminated this month of celebrations with our Hispanic Heritage Festival, and it was a complete success with a fantastic turn out! From delicious food to taste to a Hispanic arts and crafts exhibition, amazing performances, and the opportunity to visit and explore different Hispanic countries, students were able to experience a true cultural adventure! It was a night of true unification of the whole school, with participation from our Franklin Voice, Jr. Club, MYP Chorus, MYP Band, Latin Rhythms Club, and our Spanish fifth grade and MYP students.

Thank you families, students, staff and volunteers for your amazing support. We have a wonderful and supportive community here at Franklin Academy!

National Red Ribbon Week

National Red Ribbon Week is something that Franklin Academy Pembroke Pines K-8 celebrates each year. Lasting from October 23 to October 31, and sponsored by the National Family Partnership, each year has it's own unique theme and activities. This year's theme was "Life Is Your Journey, Travel Drug Free.™" Each day of the week had a different message, including Put a Cap on Drugs and Be on a Drug-Free Team. Students took a pledge to be drug free. We also had our annual poster contest. It's an important week every year to celebrate being drug free and focused on positive messages.

Read for the Record

Vibrant colors and a story of art breathing life into a neighborhood, Maybe Something Beautiful delighted Kindergarten as they gathered in the cafeteria on Thursday, October 25th. From actions to the vocabulary words, getting to know the main character, Mira, and a mural created by our little ones all built anticipation to the sharing of the story. Building early literacy is the root of Jumpstart, who sponsors this project. Their Read for the Record campaign joins millions of young U.S. students, families and community members around the same book on the same day. Our kindergarten students were all smiles as they left with a copy of the book and handshake from Ms. Diaz, our proud principal, and Mrs. Bryant and Mrs. Cardoso, our Assistant Principals.

Character Counts!

During the month of October, students were challenged to be trustworthy. The School Counselors visited classrooms and engaged students in discussions to help them understand that trustworthiness is being honest, reliable and committed. Students were taught that trust is valuable, and it affects everything. Emphasis was placed on helping students understand that being trustworthy is demonstrated when a person tells the truth and is honest in word and in actions, even when it may be difficult. Students were encouraged to act courageously by always doing the right thing. They also learned that being loyal to their friends, family and community is another way in which they can demonstrate trustworthiness to those around them every day.

Storybook Parade

The pride of Franklin Academy Literary Events, the Story Book Parade, had characters all over campus on Friday, October 26th. Ms. Diaz dazzled our families as the ring leader of the "Greatest School on Earth" with words of wisdom about and in celebration of reading. Mrs. Soto and Franklin Voice, with strength and pride, led us in the Star Spangled Banner. Students displayed stories that they love through the costumes they wore. From Alice with her Cheshire Cat, Harry Potter with Hedwig, or Dr. Seuss with his fish, so many beloved books came alive. Our families supported our students through this festival of stories where cheers were heard across the field. The Story Book Parade was a phenomenal success!

Safety Patrol Pinning Ceremony

On October 29, 2018, Fourth, Fifth, and MYP students selected for Franklin Academy’s Safety Patrol were officially sworn in at the Safety Patrol Pinning Ceremony. Students selected for the 2018-2019 Safety Patrol demonstrated exceptional character traits, were highly recommended by teachers, and met the academic standards necessary to join the team. Since joining Safety Patrol at the beginning of the school year, these students have done an excellent job of monitoring school safety by helping with arrival/dismissal, monitoring hallways, and acting as a role model for other students.

The ceremony began with Safety Patrollers and other attendees reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a performance of the Star Spangled Banner by the Franklin Academy Choral Crew. Following this, Ms. Diaz, our Principal, spoke about the privilege and responsibility of being a Safety Patroller. Each student was then honored by being pinned with their badge on stage by Officer K. Forseth. This badge acts as a symbol of their position and a reminder of their responsibilities as a Safety Patroller. The event concluded with all sworn in students reciting the Safety Patrol pledge. Thank you for all who attended this year's event, and congratulations to our Safety Patrollers!

MYP Year 1 Explorations

Our MYP 1 students explored early civilizations through a learning project in their Individual and Societies class. Students were challenged to create a 3-D visual representation of a scene from one of the early civilizations- Paleolithic, Neolithic and the Ice Age. Mrs. Vallejo’s class was challenged to create their projects using only paper. This created an extra STEAM challenge. “This made creating structures, people and animals extra challenging,” said Juliana Autore. Students were able to learn the differences between each time period and what sets them apart. Gabriella Brennan says, “I enjoyed this project because I was able to think about what challenges people in the Paleolithic Age faced and how they were able to survive with such few materials.” This project will continue through research and will conclude in an interdisciplinary unit in their Language and Literature class.

MYP Year 2- Springs Safari

The Spring Safari Field Trip was amazing! It was similar to the 6th Grade Bone Valley Field Trip, but it differed a lot from the Bone Valley Field trip, too. On the first day, we waited in the school cafeteria until all the students that were going to the field trip were there. After everyone came, we marched on to the bus, which was called the "Goldstar", then we put our belongings onto the bottom of the bus. Our parents were waving farewell; I am sure they were already missing us! We got prepped and chose our seats, ready to ride!

Next, we were introduced to our guides. Their names were Maca Etwua, Panniack, Echi, and the bus driver's name was Miko. All of their names are Native American. They told us what we were going to do throughout the field trip. We also watched a documentary relating to what we were going to do and learn. We received our travel journals to take note of things later on. We were assigned specific teams for a specific job, and we formed two separate big groups: the BEARS and the HAWKS. The drive took around 4 hours! We made a stop to get firewood for the campfire. Love bugs came at the windows of the bus!

When we got there, Echi checked in but our campsite location was occupied by other fellow campers. So, we went to eat lunch. After lunch, we walked to the location to swim, snorkel, and tube. When we got there, our guides went through what we were going to do in this activity. First, we had to take our "swim test" to let our guides know if each student was experienced or not in swimming. After the swim test, the guides decided that the BEARS and the HAWKS would take turns snorkeling and tubing. Each team got a chance to do both multiple times.

Snorkeling, we got a chance to see under water by having goggles and breathers. We could see fish! Tubing, though, was as if you went to a water park and got to go on a lazy river, but it was surrounded by the wild this time! It was soothing and relaxing, and we even saw a turtle! Afterwards, we took a snack break and did a little scientific experiment by testing some chemicals from the water- it was fun and Interesting! After the activity, we went back to the campsite and set up our tents. After we set up our tents, showered and changed, we ate our dinner of Hawaiian soft bread and spaghetti with red sauce!

It was a great trip, hanging out with friends and learning a lot about the outdoors!

Author- Gianmarco M., MYP Year 2

MYP Year 3- Field Trip to Pembroke Pines High School

High School is on the horizon! MYP Year 3 students visited the Franklin Academy High School on October 31st. No spooky stuff there, but a little bit of fun and a lot of information. The students took a full tour of the high school campus and all that it has to offer. Information, such as academic courses available and requirements needed, was presented and explained. Students visited a live classroom and got a chance to see instruction in action. They ended the day with lunch provided by the high school before heading back to our campus.

Kindergarten Fall Rotations

Happy Fall! This month the kindergarten students participated in four fall rotations. They decorated a fall tree using red, orange, brown, and green tissue paper to show the mixture of colors during fall. The students then created a monster hand out of popcorn and candy corn to tell a fun and spooky story. On the third rotation, the students participated in a number dice roll, where they used a die to count out a variety of fall goodies. The students then transitioned to their fourth rotation where they enjoyed a yummy mud pudding treat!

First Grade Fire Safety Week

Franklin Academy celebrated Fire Safety Week, and First Grade loved it! We watched videos, mapped out our escape plans, and related our fire drills to our teachings. Teaching fire safety is fun, but learning it from a real fire fighter is exciting! We surprised our fire fighter with our vast knowledge of fire safety, and he surprised us with his outfit and his fire tales. We can’t wait until our next Fire Safety Week!

Second Graders Start With Hello

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” This was something our second graders had a chance to demonstrate and experience during our school’s "Start With Hello" initiative. During the week, they had opportunities to reach out to students they saw around the school. They learned in our "Start With Hello" assembly, led by our School Counselor, Mrs. Salomon, that a simple smile and ‘hello’ could make people feel important. This was a chance for them to keep an eye out for fellow students who may be feeling lonely and to make them feel included. Students wore name tags so that, when passing others in the hall, at lunch or on the playground, they could reach out, say hello, and meet some new friends. In Mrs. Cates’ second grade class, students were challenged to show kindness by using a Random Acts of Kindness board. Some ways they could show kindness included writing a positive note to a classmate, letting someone go before them in line, holding the door open for someone, or cleaning up something that wasn’t theirs. These were just a few of the Random Acts of Kindness they demonstrated during the week. The second graders were encouraged not to just do it for the week but to carry it forward throughout the year.

Third Graders Tackle Science Challenges

The Third Grade Team is working on projects that showcase our expertise in math and science. We are learning the Scientific Method and have completed lessons on matter and its properties. Do you know why water collects around a glass of ice water or why the temperature is cooler in the shade? We do! Students hypothesized which liquid would clean pennies better: water, soapy water, or salty vinegar. Can you guess? You’ll just have to ask a third grader or do this experiment yourself to find out! We know that scientists gather and share their data, so just walk by our hallways and see our maps and graphs.

We are also studying all things about bats. Do you see bats at night in October? How did the bat get such a bad reputation? Bats are actually helpful, and we challenge you to find out more about bats. Did you know that bats live on every continent? We found out that bats are the only mammals that fly. We love bats! What is your favorite kind of bat?

Third graders also participated in all the other school-wide events. Welcome Fall! What a busy month!

Fourth Grade Hispanic Heritage Projects

In October, Fourth Graders recognized Hispanic Heritage Month by conducting research projects. Each student selected a prominent person of Hispanic background and researched his or her life. Subjects included athletes, entertainers, astronauts, and scientists. Students read detailed biographies and created posters with pictures, important accomplishments, personal information and facts about these accomplished and inspiring individuals!

Fifth Grade JA Biz Town Field Trip

On Friday September 28th, the fifth graders took their annual trip to JA Biz Town. Junior Achievement of South Florida is training the next generation of business leaders, employees and consumers. With the help of their Social Studies teachers, the students were educated in financial literacy, entrepreneurship and work readiness. With this program, Junior Achievement and Franklin Academy hope to inspire and prepare youth to succeed in a global economy.

Upcoming Events

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Thursday, Nov. 1st, 8:30am

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Other Upcoming Events

Thanksgiving Harvest Drive (All)- October 29 through November 9

Kids Voting Broward (Grades 3 through MYP Year 3)- November 2

Girls Franklin Cup (MYP)- November 2

England Travelers Meeting (5th & MYP)- November 5

No School/Teacher Planning- November 6

Surfside Safari Field Trip (3rd Grade)- November 7 & 8

Veterans Day Celebration (All)- November 7

Parent Academy: Innovative Parenting Techniques (All)- November 8

Franklin Fall Basketball Classic (MYP)- November 10

No School/Offices Closed- November 12

World Kindness Day (All)- November 13

Feeding South Florida Field Trip (IB Ambassadors)- November 14

Boca Raton Museum of Art (MYP)- November 15

Texas Roadhouse Franklin Family Night (All)- November 15

Young at Art Museum Field Trip (Kindergarten)- November 16

Quarter 2 Interim Reports Published (All)- November 20

Thanksgiving Holiday Break- November 21 through November 23

Character Counts! Student Assembly (All)- November 27

Parent Academy: State Assessments (Grades 3 through MYP Year 3)- November 27

Galapagos Islands Trip Family Meeting (Grades 4 through MYP Year 2)- November 28

Old Davie Schoolhouse (1st Grade)- November 29 & 30

Billie Swamp Safari Field Trip (2nd Grade)- November 30