In Pennsylvania

What is Fracking?

Fracking is the process where natural gas from way deep in the earth's layers, are dug up with a drill, and releases natural gas from shale rock like layers, and to also release fresh drinking water from unreachable layers underground.

How does Fracking Work?

Marcellus Shale

What is it, and what does it have to do with Fracking?

Marcellus Shale is a Sentimental Rock that is found in Northern America, it is a marine rock found above and underground, that contains consumable water that we can use, gas, and oxygen.

Fracking is BAD!

It's bad, because it causes chemicals in our drinking water, which can cause us to get sick. It also causes damage into our earth's core, which can cause shifts in the earth, changing the patterns of the Plates in the ground.