College Prep Program

Connecting School Curriculum with SAT Success

Content of our tailored curriculum is drawn from the humanities, literary fiction, social studies and the natural sciences. In addition with SAT preparation, it strengthens what students are currently learning in school combined with the parts of the SAT that students find most challenging. It’s a perfect combination.

Why Start Now?

High achieving teenagers need significant time to unleash their full potential, bring out their authentic best, maximize their chances for admission to top universities and prepare for meaningful careers. Starting early is necessary for optimally boosting both IQ and EQ.

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A winning college admissions plan

Scheduled practice and review of SAT/ACT testing, along with meetings with an educational consultant, high school students are guided in optimizing their academic and non-academic planning, psychology and execution. We start guiding students far before they approach the supremely demanding and intense top-tier college applications season in their senior year of high school. Guiding kids to work both smart and effective helps reduce stress and build academic confidence.

A simple plan personalized to your grade level

We are educators. We live and breathe this process. Each grade level has a specific educational plan designed to match their educational goals and abilities. Starting as early as the 8th grade, each student is assessed for goals and academic needs, and will follow a program designed and executed through-out high school years.

Sound Good?

Class size is intentially limited. Classes are designed to be highly personalized so that your child gets genuine feedback and feels accomplished and confident.

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