Should Industry Continue Expanding?

Should we preserve nature or use the land to build cities?

Conservation of Natural Resources

In the United States, the federal government has meetings with leaders of the industries to manage and conserve resources. The United States is always attempting ways to keep nature balanced with new buildings or even cities that are being built. However, it is hard to keep natural resources or areas balanced with many different industries expanding as fast as they are.

Reasons the Environment Should be Protected

  • Many species would go extinct
  • We need resources, such as trees and water, to live
  • Humans don't have the right to destroy other organism's homes
  • Natural Resources are limited, and could one day run out
  • The human species will not survive in the future without resources such as water

Reasons Industry Should be Allowed to Expand

  • The population is increasing, and we need places for people to live
  • New business areas give more people chances for jobs
  • People can become more powerful by owning more land
  • There is a great need for goods, and not always enough places to build them
  • There are some resources that we need in places without strong industry

By Chris Felipe and Shane O'Brien