The Johnsons

Hailey Saladino

Millionaires in the Making: The Johnsons

In the beginning Matt was irresponsible with his money and did not pay much attention to it. He even spent his last $80 he had on a tattoo. Until he meet his wife Kristina. She able to help Matt with his spending and savings habits. Once they were married Kristina took care of the budgeting and bills while Matt took care of all the investing. They also starting saving early together. They both starting contributing to their 401(k)s as soon as they starting working and simply continued to keep putting money away. They also keep their regular expenses to a minimum to maximize their savings. Kristina is a huge coupon fanatic and can normally get 15-20 percent off of their grocery bills. Once they decided to be buy a new home and start a family they really watched their spending. They sold their old home and made a $152,000 profit. However, they bought a new home and put $50,000 down on it and pull out a mortgage of $500,000. So they are paying about $3200 a month for the house. Luckily they were conservative over the previous and never paid a finance fee for credit cards. Also because of their careful spending and smart saving they have been able to travel to Italy, Hawaii, Mexico, and England as well as own newer cars. They say that the future holds plenty for them and their son Nicholas because they have the thought of money in the back of their mind while living their lives.